Attending a wedding as a guest means entering so much haste, taking care of the type of hairstyle you are going to wear that day. Therefore, wedding hairstyles must be well chosen and with these ideas you can find the best hairstyle for you.

Are you the guest? Meet the best hairstyles for weddings

The style you give to your hair should not be chosen lightly, paying attention to this detail can avoid upsets such as wearing the same hairstyle as the bride, for example, or that is not the right one for the place where the event is going to be held. These details should not be left to luck, and it is precisely this reason that has led us to present a series of proposals for hairstyles for weddings ideal for guests.

Long or spike braids

Beautiful hairstyle for wedding guests who has long hair, its end result is beautiful long braids. You start by leaving the top somewhat unbalanced until the braid is made, the success of this combination is assured. You can leave them loose or picked up; in any case they will look spectacular and fashionable. It can be varied to spike braids that are also fashionable and are synonymous with bridal parties.

Low ponytail

After a while off trend, the low ponytail returns strongly to look like a guest at a special wedding. If the time is not enough for you to make such a sophisticated hairstyle, then the low ponytail is the most recommended option. It can also be worn in both straight and wavy hair, with bangs or with bare forehead, with braids on top or make a little crepe and make the ponytail more sophisticated by adding more glamour and volume on top.

False bob

The fake bob trend is gaining more popularity, and it’s no wonder, when you see a celebrity like Taylor Swift wear it at special events you know it’s the ideal wedding hairstyle for guests. This look has several variants that depending on the length of the hair, color and thickness can be applied in a matter of a couple of minutes.

High bun

More than a style it is a perfect resource to attend a wedding. It is one of the hairstyles for weddings that is done in a few minutes and that highlights the most beautiful features of the face, simply flattering. For summer weddings it is the most recommended style since its structure does not accumulate too much heat.

Mane with wreath of flowers

It is one of the most romantic hairstyles for wedding guests that can exist. Your choice is a success in the middle of summer; it is not only about its structure, but about the accessories that give it a divine touch. And no wonder, flowers have become a plus for wedding guests. The wreath is adaptable to any type of dress in light tones, best of all it can be worn with loose or collected hair.

Wavy mane

If weddings have something it is that it provides the opportunity to look sexy, and if that is the goal you pursue, then the wavy mane is perfect. The most sensual style is the one that presents undulations at the tips, it is so simple to do that it only takes minutes to denote a practical and current hairstyle.

Low bun

We are talking about a style that has been adopted by the ‘it-girls‘. It is a typical hairstyle of dancers and they can often be seen like these at large events. Her perfection is given when worn with long dresses, although the short dress does not make her ugly. It also helps to highlight the features of the face when it is discovered. Simply put an appropriate hairstyle for women with fine features.

Braid crown

If in your hairstyle as a wedding guest you do not want so many accessories, then the braid crown is the most practical solution. Making a crown with your own mane is a plus that not just any woman can give. The idea is to have long hair, but if not do not be alarmed, you can get the same effect with a false braid. For summer weddings it looks beautiful and best of all it only requires a few minutes to be ready.

Floral collected

Flowers at a wedding never detune, that’s why several wedding hairstyles for guests suggest this accessory. For women who live in a hurry and can’t stop for a complex hairstyle, the floral collection gives them that outlet. Just use a bra, a couple of chopsticks and beautiful flowers to look splendid.



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