How beautiful the curly or wavy hair looks, but the process of getting them is not always the easiest. Large amounts of heat from styling tools can seriously damage your hair, leaving you with some apparent curls, but they’re not exactly healthy for your hair. Instead, just a few simple steps in the evening before you go to bed, can help you produce the prettiest curlers the next morning, without even turning on the curler.

To give your hair a break from the heat and abrasive chemicals, we’ve prepared some tips and tricks to achieve curls and waves that you can’t miss.

How to curl hair naturally?

Learning to curl hair without using heat in a short time is very easy. Before you even think about curling your hair, make sure it’s clean. Some experts say that the secret to volumetric curls is to leave the hair unwashed one day. This will make the natural fat allow the curls to easily conform to the desired shape. And if you have little hair? You can also curl your short hair without heat.

Curls are one of the best looks you can wear, in fact, fashion lovers prefer them because they make them look more attractive, from Hollywood divas to their entire environment, and they are wearing curls. Do you want to join them, but it seems like your straight hair doesn’t agree? Let’s see how to curl hair naturally at home.

1. Make your curls with a t-shirt

The first step is to wash your hair as you normally do. Dry it a little but allow it to be wet, not too wet. Cut a T-shirt into long strips from the neck to the hem. The thinner the band, the greater the curls. Take a strip of the shirt and place it next to a small section of your hair, then roll up the strip and hair from the tips up to the scalp (or wherever you want your curls). Roll inwards so that the curls turn towards your neck, giving it a more vivid appearance.

Tie the end of the strip with a small cancho to hold the hair in place. Repeat this process throughout your hair. Let your hair dry completely before removing the strips and voila, you’ll have some homemade curls.

2: Retro curls with tape

Wash your hair the way you normally do and dry it with a towel. Slide a tight ribbon or elastic band around your head. Take sections of your hair and wrap them around the headband until all the hair is inside the band. Secure loose ropes with pins. Let your hair dry completely. Then carefully remove the headband and pins. And voila, you’ll have some amazing curls.

3. Braiding natural waves

Wash your hair the way you usually do. Dry it lightly and make a stripe in the middle of your head and tie two ponytails. Braid the two ponytails and secure the end with a rubber band. For tight curls, make more braids, for looser curls, make a single braid. Let your hair dry completely. Gently loosen your braids and shake your curls.

4: Waves with a sock

The first thing you should do is take an old sock, cut the bottom of the stocking and roll in the form of a doughnut. Wash your hair and dry it with a towel. Pull your hair on a ponytail on top of your head. Pull your ponytail through the sock. Wrap the hair and hold it securely. Stretch the sock to include more hair.

Keep rolling and tucking until you reach the top of your head. Secure the bun with the help of clips. Sleep with the bun and loosen it in the morning so that the waves fall magnificently, this is another method to curl the hair without using heat.

5. Waves are easy

Wet your hair slightly, unless you’re just washing it. The next step is to untangle the hair and make a stripe in the middle. Turn each section around to form a bun on both sides of your head. Let your hair dry overnight. Gently open the buns the next morning and voila, you’ll have some cute curls without using heat.

6: Curls with rollers

For this method we will use hair rollers, remember that the bigger the rollers, the bigger the curls and the smaller, the more marked your curls will be. Wash and condition the hair, and dry with a towel. Separate a section, then wind and immediately enclose on a roller. Secure the roller according to the instructions.

Repeat this step until all your hair is inside the rollers. Leave untouched throughout the night, and in the morning gently remove the rollers and enjoy your curls.

Although there are many methods and tools to make curls quickly, it is best to avoid chemical treatments and the heat of curlers. These treatments can drastically affect the health of your hair and scalp. We hope you will be very useful these 6 tips to make natural curls without using heat or chemicals.



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