For good hair care, product options are not limited to perfumeries and cosmetic shops. The shikakai is new option, more natural, which is already on the market and promises great results for hair.

It comes from ayurveda therapy, of Indian origin, and is the new alternative for hair care. Shikakai, as it is called, is the fruit of the plant Acacia concinna, which is a shrub typical of Asia. According to Ayurveda the word means “fruit for hair“.
In addition to serving for cleaning, shikakai can have other uses for hair and each woman can perceive the treatments it performs in the structure of it. Take a look at this product and the good it can do for your beauty.

Facts and benefits of shikakai

  • Shikakai has been used for thousands of years by Indian women. It also appears in the composition of various beauty products.
  • The product has the power to stop
  • It is good for both hair and Hair infections and problems with lice can also be treated with shikakai.
  • Shikakai has a low pH, which helps maintain the hair’s natural moisture and does not remove essential oil during cleansing, ensuring that the hair remains more vital and beautiful.
  • Shikakai also contains saponins, which have a mild detergent action; Anti-fungal properties and are rich in vitamins C and D. These combined properties are those that reduce hair loss and favor the cleaning of a gentle way, cleaning the accumulated fat, but without removing the lipid layer that protects the hair.

How to use shikakai?

Not only is there a correct way to use shikakai on hair. There are several possible recipes and the effect can vary from person to person (it can be more or less effective).

Shikakai for hair cleansing and treatment

Through this article we suggest the step by step for hair care with shikakai:

  1. In an empty container with lid, mix two tablespoons of Shikakai, one tablespoon of henna powder (100% natural) and one and a half cups of filtered water.
  2. Cover and shake well until sparkling.
  3. Let the mixture stand for 5 to 10 minutes stirring from time to time until the time of use.
  4. Moisten the hair and apply the mixture by slowly massaging the scalp.
  5. After using the whole mixture, leave it in the hair for 5 minutes and then rinse as usual.
  6. Finally, dilute the apple cider vinegar in the water to close the hair cuticles, massage the scalp and ends and rinse again.

Shikakai and its combined effects on other herbs

In Ayurvedic therapy, shikakai can be combined with more herbs to have a more potent effect on hair.

One of these herbs is henna. Shikakai mixed with henna promotes cleaning and conditioning at the same time, in addition to giving more shine. Henna in this context does not change the color of the hair, since the amount is small, and the application time is short.

Adding amla herb powder in the mix with shikakai can also bring benefits to your hair, making it softer and brighter. Amla is a potent antibacterial, antioxidant and has astringent properties, it is also used for the treatment of dandruff, cleansing, strengthening hair and providing greater shine.


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