The rose is one of the most preferred tattoo motifs in the world. It seems timeless, elegant, but also playful and, depending on the form of presentation, it is a very modern tattoo. Before you get a pink tattoo, think carefully about what the flower should look like on your skin. Because not only does it look beautiful, but rose tattoos can also have very different meanings depending on the color.

Meaning of rose tattoos

When it comes to finding the meaning that rose tattoos can have, on the one hand, the symbolism of the rose must be identified, but especially the color of the tattoo is important. The rose used to sympathize with femininity and was worn by sailors during the maritime season to carry souvenirs of their wife, or even mother. Today, the rose is considered a symbol of love, but also of eroticism.

White rose

The color white represents innocence and purity, but also loyalty. A white rose can mean a young and immaculate love, later in a relationship, but also a promise. For example, you can tattoo a white rose engraved with the wedding date.

Black rose

Black has always been considered the color of death and sadness. A black rose can represent the survival of tragic experiences in life, symbolizing sacrifices and, as a result, courage or rebellion. The meaning involved is usually very emotional. However, in tattoos, the black rose is a classic because it is a color that combines very well with other accessories and garments.

Yellow rose

Yellow once represented envy and jealousy, today color no longer causes only negative associations. Therefore, a yellow rose is associated with friendship, happiness in life, optimism and warmth.

Red rose

The classic red rose signifies love, passion and sensuality. It symbolizes life in full bloom and, of course, is one of the most used colors in rose tattoos.

Pink orange

A tattoo of an orange rose symbolizes optimism and hope, but also respect and gratitude.

Pink rose

A pink tattoo combines the meanings of white and red rose. Beauty, youth and elegance are expressed in this color.

Blue pink

Like the purple rose, a blue rose does not exist in nature. It means something unnatural and unattainable, but this does not necessarily mean it is negative. Because of this, the motif can also represent dreams, mystical magic, or fascination with something.

Rose with thorns

A tattoo of rose with thorns shows a couple of symbols: on the one hand, the rose represents love, on the other hand, the thorns create a contrast and show painful and difficult moments in life. This may mean that in order to achieve what we want; we must first know how to strive. The stem of the plant symbolizes the common path of the couple, which was overcome together, until the flower finally blooms at the end towards eternal love.

Withered Rose

A withered rose, sometimes represented by a leaf that comes off the flower, is the symbol of transience. It is a contrast to the generally open representation of the flower, which represents the life and development of the soul.

Pink with leaves

A new leaf represents a new life, birth, happiness and love in life. This tattoo can mean protection for your loved ones and family.

Style and design of rose tattoos

In rose tattoos, the flower may stand alone or be combined with other motifs to enhance its meaning. Small tattoos of roses are the most popular trends; there are also tribal designs or combination of roses and bouquets of flowers and leaves.

It is also used a lot that the tattoo of the rose combines the flower and the stem that is transformed into a phrase or a word, this tattoo usually goes on the back, in the middle area.

Where to wear a rose tattoo?

The rose is a typical feminine motif, as it is associated with beauty and youth. But men also like to wear the flower on their skin; the reasons can be very diverse.

The rose flower is a fairly flat motif that can be used anywhere on the body. Most of the time the rose tattoo is worn on the arm, wrist, shoulder or legs.



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