When dyeing the hair you must be clear about some important points to avoid problems: in what color we are going to want our hair, what materials are suitable for a less invasive tincture, how it can be done easily and with excellent results. All these questions as far as dyeing the hair is concerned will be addressed below.

Dyeing the hair is undoubtedly one of the favorite beauty practices of many women, even more so when at present there are thousands of shades that can be applied, even depending on the tastes of each one could be combined several colors, however, the problem is how to avoid causing serious damage to the hair by doing it constantly.

Hair dyes are composed of chemicals that will gradually make the hair begin to deteriorate, making it look dull and in many cases unhealthy, however if the necessary measures are taken the results could become much less harmful.

5 Tips to dye hair correctly

In this sense below we will mention some tips that will surely be very helpful when it comes to dyeing the hair properly:

  1. If it is the first time that you will paint your hair it is best to look for a neutral ph dye, that is, that does not contain assets such as ammonia, since otherwise the hair fiber could oxidize. In such a way the dyes of natural trademarks are an excellent alternative, their presentation is shampoo style providing very good effects, but it should be borne in mind that they tend to disappear much faster than the others.
  2. If for some reason you are constantly exposed to the sun, the most convenient thing is that before applying the dye, you apply in your hair some product with UV filters and antioxidants, this will allow you to prevent the color from wearing out more quickly.
  3. When making the decision to apply a product that smoothes the hair, it is best to dye the hair after performing this procedure, because this type of products tend to clarify it at least two tones.
  4. If the color you will apply is lighter than the middle part and the tips, then you must first apply it to the root for about 20 minutes, after this time place it in the media and tips about 20 minutes more, in this way you will be able to equalize the dye.
  5. To achieve the best results the ideal is to go to a specialist, and is that he will know what is the most appropriate style that can adapt to you, in the same way he can correctly apply the paint, since although the habit of many women is to dye their hair themselves, this could be one of the causes why in some occasions the color is not uniform.

Mistakes when dyeing your hair and how to avoid them

These are some of the most common mistakes that are usually made when wanting to dye your hair at home, try to avoid them and start enjoying your dyed hair faster.

Make extreme color changes

Warm hair tones can adapt to a wider variety of shades, whereas if your hair is a cold tone, it is best to go up slowly, and not make extreme changes, since your natural hair tone will be the one that determines which is the best color for you, and not the other way around.

Do not test

Not testing how hair color would go with your skin before dyeing it is a very common mistake, and you can avoid it by simply wearing a wig, or in the beauty salon try the different shades to find the right one, and be sure before dyeing it.

Not having enough tincture

Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, you should always buy a few more tincture boxes. It’s better to have too much hair dye, than to realize you need more halfway.

Dip your hair in the pool

Although it seems very obvious, many women are not aware that hair when having contact with chlorine can lose pigmentation. So if its summer, and you’ve dyed yourself, don’t even think about getting into the water, at least 2 weeks before and after the dye.


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