The trend of pixie cuts, which are those, very short, grew a few years ago when a lot of celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Miley Cyrus and Charlize Theron imposed this risky, if very flattering fashion of the pixie cut.

Many do not dare to make such a daring haircut as it represents a very big change. However, it is completely flattering for the face as it lays bare all the features of the face. Also, despite what many believe, the pixie cut fits almost all forms of faces well; you just need to know how to wear it.

You can also transform it in many ways to create new hairstyles. Even with hair so short, you just need to know some tips so that you learn how to wear your pixie cut in different ways.

The new trends of pixie cutting

The pixie cut has been reinvented in recent years and little by little new trends have been added to what was the classic cut. That is why if you still do not dare to make this beautiful haircut, know the new ways to wear the pixie and you will surely make your appointment at the hairdresser very quickly.

Longer bangs

This is the new trend most used in this 2016 but you can use it indefinitely because it is a cut very suitable for any season or fashion, you must let the bangs be very long to accompany the hairstyle. No matter which side you go on, the important thing is that it covers much of your forehead. This style hacks that you can perform many hairstyles, such as drying it upwards or with the help of lace combing the hair back.

Volume presence

There are many who believe that short hair should not have volume, but this is the new fashion, the pixie with enough volume. You just have to despeinate a little the area to create the bulkiest hair, and if you like to risk you can use it with a good tupé.

Laterals with length

The pixie cut and the bob cut are more united than ever. Even though the classic pixie had to have short sides, the new fashion is that you can wear the sides a little longer. All sizes are valid this year.

The pixie according to the shape of your face

The advantages offered by both pixie cuts and classic bob and long bob, is that it can be adapted very well depending on the shape of the face. Below you can know these tips to choose the best cut, according to the aesthetics of your face.

Square face

If you have this type of face and want to wear a pixie cut, then you have to understand that in order for your face not to look straight, all you need is volume. You can beat the hair on top and comb it with a little wax.

Oval face

This face is ideal for any look, so the pixie you can wear it as you like, and make all the hairstyles you want.

Round face

The best thing for these faces is a long pixie; the bangs should fall on your forehead to create a new profile. You can also place some volume on the crown of the head.

Triangular face

The key is to balance the size of the forehead and chin. The best thing you can do is hide your forehead with long bangs, and several layers to provide volume.

If you still do not dare to wear a pixie cut, you can follow some of these tips and take that big step. It is not only a hairstyle that is very fashionable, but it will help you to give a twist to your image.


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