The new hairstyles for short hair arrive, each of them ideal for all kinds of activities. From fashionable cut variants like bob and pixie, to lob details. Each of these hairstyles can be performed easily and are ideal also for short or half hair.

Hairstyles for short hair continue to gain ground

In today’s times the rush to perform various tasks has had an effect on the way you dress and wear a hair look. This is how short hair has gained ground in a surprising way, behind have been those long manes that sparked fury in the world of fashion. Below are the current trends of hairstyles for short hair easy to make.

Hairstyles for a pixie cut

For short hair it is ideal to make a tupé in the part of the center of the head that is why on the sides you will let see the shorter mane. In this type of cuts the hairstyles with wet effect have gained ground, basically you must comb backwards or leave the hairstyle at full volume aside to add some fake bangs and voila, you get the favorite styles of stars like Kaley Cuoco or Scarlett Johansson herself.

Pigtails, braids and ornaments for half a mane

All easy hairstyle of short hair is effective when you add accessories that can give firmness to the style you are looking to perform. This is the case of pigtails, a trend for short hair that every day gains more followers. Pigtails are ideal for midi or bob cuts. Wet, wet, wet root braids go hand in hand with this type of hairstyles, as frequently worn by Emma Stone.

For manes too short – at the level of the ears- accessories such as pigtails could be a plus for the type of hairstyle you want to perform. Betting on hidden feathers like those of Shailene Woodley is ideal to make the hairstyle compact, a trend that Valentino has used in his latest catwalks.

Current ideas of hairstyles for short hair

These are trends for hair in this season, useful also for the style of short hair and to get volume effects, even if you want to keep the bangs or the pixie cut and without ceasing to use the braids that go very well both in long or short manes.

Root XS braids for pixie cutting

Short hair and braids can coexist; the problem arises when you do not know how to choose the technique. This is where you get the root XS braids in for a pixie cut. Its unique style can be translated into the rocker air it gives it and in turn a romantic touch that cannot go unnoticed, is ideal for a narrowing.

Braid half made for bob manes

Bob cuts have the characteristic of being unwieldy for multi-turn hairstyles. However, braids below the nape of the neck half-made are ideal for this type of short hair. They are simple to perform and with an adequate volume they are perfect for casual partying.

Smooth Bob for a Gooseneck

The bob cut with a smooth addition styler type is the solution to avoid spending a lot of time in front of the mirror. In these months it has been seen several models of Gaultier use this simple hairstyle also adding a stripe to the side. Its context defines the face and neck.

Volume with bangs

This hairstyle is simple to make for short hairs; it rose to fame after Taylor Swift will show it on every catwalk she attended. The reason for your preference? Simple, it is easy to do and its mixed style is sensual. It is a long bob that reaches the mane at shoulder height.

Semirecogidos for long bob manes

In addition to its ease of performance, this semi-refined hairstyle with metallic type ornaments hints at the natural elegance of a short hair. It is one of the first options to take to a gala party. The proposal was made seasons ago by the Valentino brand.

Root braids with wet or dry effect

For women with a very short mane and who also have a very fine hair, root braids with wet effect are the fashionable option. Even an accessory like a hidden pen could make the look firmer.

Every day come out new hairstyles for short hair easy to make, but there are few that provide comfort in their use for any type of event. Whether you’re going gala, casual or semi, each of these suggestions will make you look stylish.


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