For some women makeup is essential in everyday life. For others, it is only necessary at special times. But on many occasions makeup errors give an aging look to our skin.

What are the mistakes we make when putting on makeup?

Makeup often plays the role of enhancing the eyes, lips and favorable points of the face. However, if used incorrectly or incorrectly, they give the skin an aged appearance. So, check out the eight big mistakes that make our skin look older old and also know some tips to avoid them in your daily skincare ritual.

Creamy-based makeup errors

When overused, this type of makeup can accumulate in the fine lines present in mature skin, overloading the facial appearance and giving an aged look. Therefore, in these cases, makeup bases with thinner layers should be used.

The same goes for very clear concealers, which give the impression that the eye area has more wrinkles; this is another very common makeup error.

Excess compact powder

In addition to leaving the face looking artificial, the exaggeration of compact powder highlights wrinkles, especially around the eyes. The best option in these cases is the translucent powder, which should only be applied to the nose and forehead to reduce brightness, thus helping to normalize the skin.

Dark eyeliner

Older women have the need to choose lighter eyeliner because dark colors leave an aging appearance and heavier appearance. It is advisable to use the brown pencil for those who like dark colors and do not want to abandon their style. Moreover, people who have dark circles also have to be careful not to pass the product near the lower eyelashes.

Bright shadow

The use of bright shade is another enemy of mature skin, as they help reveal wrinkles and drooping eyelids. It is advisable to only use it if combined with opaque tones, in the outer corner of the eye.

Creamy lipstick

Over time, the “V” formed above the lips disappears and leads to the formation of wrinkles, especially in the upper and corner of the mouth. Therefore, when you use a very creamy lipstick, you run the risk of spilling the cosmetic and painting the lines of the mouth.

Thin or very marked eyebrows

Eyebrows too dark can leave a heavy appearance, so never paint with black pencil; instead the best option is always shade. When removing the hairs from this region, the watchword is to avoid fine features, the thinner the eyebrow, the greater the chance of having an aged appearance. Therefore, you should always keep your natural drawing and only make minor corrections if they are too thick.

Do not touch up

Throughout the day, especially when the weather is warm, makeup usually fades through the face and also from deep wrinkles, making these noticeable. To avoid this problem, the coverage must be retouched to ensure that the skin always looks beautiful.



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