Natural and homemade perfumes have become fashionable because they do not negatively affect the health of the skin like synthetics and chemical products.

Benefits of making your own natural perfumes

After a time when synthetic, commercial and industrial perfumes have been the norm, more and more lovers of fashion, beauty and the natural are turning to natural perfumes. They are natural fragrances less aggressive for the skin and the mind, made with essential oil without chemical or toxic components. Learn how to make an inexpensive and homemade perfume in a very easy way.

How to make natural perfumes at home

The following are some recipes for you to make your own perfumes, and as you manage the doses and the basic ingredients, it will not cost you any work to create your own fragrances according to your mood, memories, tastes and sensations. The natural perfumes below are not only a suggestive touch of fashion or beauty; they are also intended to be an ally for health. The scents of essential oils are evocative, relaxing or sensual. Everything will depend on each plant, resin or tree that is used. The combinations are as endless as the possibilities that Mother Nature gives us.

Homemade natural perfume recipes

Of course you will need specific ingredients for each of the natural perfumes, but, in general, it only requires: Your favorite essential oils. Water. In some cases, some extracts or branches of spices or aromatic herbs: vanilla, cinnamon, etc. Pure alcohol that you can buy at the pharmacy. Vehicle oil, such as those used for massages: almonds or avocado.

Natural lavender perfume

To make the natural lavender perfume you will need

  • 4 tablespoons of almond oil
  • 2 of water and another 2 of alcohol.

Freshly cut lavender branches. In a bowl mix all the ingredients for two weeks. Once the mixture is macerated, strain the product and ready to use.

This natural lavender perfume is suitable for the whole family and also to scent clothes and environments. It gives a fresh, clean, soft and relaxing touch.

Natural rose perfume

It is one of the classics that you can mix with other flowers that you like. It gives a sophisticated, vintage, enigmatic and aristocratic touch. You need:

  • The petals of 3 roses
  • 1 tablespoon of rosemary and another of mint.

You can optionally add a cup of freshly picked jasmine.

Natural lemon perfume

To make this perfume you will need:

  • The peel of a grated lemon
  • 4 tablespoons of almond or avocado oil. 1 cup of alcohol and another of water.

You have to crush the flowers and herbs before mixing all the products that need 15 days of maceration. At the end of this period, you must strain the mixture before enjoying it.

Oranges perfume

It is an aroma that connects with the south, freshness, beauty, joy, sympathy and days of leisure. To do it you will need:

  • The zest of two well-washed oranges.
  • A handful of orange blossom.

Leave in a covered container for ten days and, like the previous ones, after that time, you just have to strain it. The natural perfume of oranges serves to alleviate sadness, ward off problems, regain strength and as a tonic to cope with overwork.



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