Walking in high heels has its tricks and if you want to enjoy them without suffering, we will teach you how to wear the high heels to highlight any garment and not suffer the typical problems that usually cause the high tacos.

Get the best heeled shoes that are trending this season and learn how to combine them with skirts or pants. There are several models of heels, there are round-toed, decorated, heeled sandals, stilettos style for the most daring or leather, whatever your shoe is important to learn to use them properly so as not to damage the feet or back.

Many girls flip through the heels, but as bold or beautiful as they may be, not all are prepared to wear them with the style and elegance they deserve. Even if you do not believe it walking with heeled shoes is a gift with which you are born or with which you have to learn to deal along the way. The most daring begin to practice since childhood, with the heels of their mother, others must face the process in adolescence or adulthood.

How to use heels properly

And why deny it? A well-worn heel stylizes, highlights the wardrobe and provides that sophisticated touch that every woman craves. The good news is that even to master a heel there are tricks and here we teach you.

You just have to have patience and dedication. You may damage some, but don’t worry. Just take care not to get injured. Remember that the health of your feet is the most important thing. If the task becomes complicated, don’t be discouraged. Fortunately the fashion market gives you other options that will make you look equally beautiful and seductive.

Practice with different heels

Practice is certainly the most important thing, especially if you’re going to an appointment, a meeting, or a social event. We do not want you to trip or fall, for this before try walking in your house and with different shoes and heel heights. Now, if as much as you walk you feel that you cannot maintain balance naturally when using them, it is better to think about another footwear option apart from high heels. Not only could you look bad, but you could do a lot of damage. The secret to walking with high heels is to keep your back straight and look in front. Try not to walk through areas where there is grass, grids or sand, take small and firm steps and avoid excessive movements with arms and legs.

Choose a heel that’s right for you

No effort you make will be enough if you do not choose a good shoe with high heels. If you are not an expert, do not select the highest, or the needle heels, you can go testing from the lowest te taco. Don’t use them to go to work, let alone on hustle and bustle days. The fatigue will be brutal. There are specialists who advise not to exceed 5 centimeters so that you do not feel ailments in the spine and back.

Wear shoes with firm cleats

If you notice that the sole is thin or weak do not buy them or take them to a shoemaker to reinforce it, since the base is very important to achieve good balance and take care of the back.

Choose a leather or leather heel

If it is a closed shoe, the most ideal is that it is leather, especially inside so that it favors the process of perspiration and does not concentrate odors or sweat that cause irritation, fungus on the feet or itching. If they are padded much well because it will make the tread lighter.

The tacos that touch the instep are not indicated. Much less if they squeeze or go out when walking as this will cause you not to walk well and will harm your spalda. Beware of ornaments and seams as there are some that bother. The convenient thing is that before buying you try both feet and walk a little so that you can check that they are really the right ones.

Choose the exact number

Don’t believe it when they say “those give in a little bit”. It doesn’t always happen, unless they’re genuinely skinned, so be very careful. If you feel them large it is possible that the foot will come out and if they are small the fingers and nerves will be compressed, causing strong discomfort and blisters.

If you are used to wearing heeled sandals do not forget to put on sunscreen. It looks very ugly when the tan marks remain on the foot.



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