With this natural treatment you will be able to strengthen the scalp, avoiding the pain, itching and dryness that can occur on a battered scalp.

With the use of a home remedy based on rosemary oil it can be achieved to strengthen the scalp, so that the hair grows stronger and healthier. This oil is very easy to prepare at home, and applied by massage stimulates the hair follicles, thus activating an abundant growth and avoiding in the same way its fall.

How to strengthen the scalp?

Rosemary can be used fresh or dry, although it is much easier to get in supermarkets in the latter way. Another recommendation is to use it in twigs, of course dry, not powdered, since in this way the same results are not obtained.

Rosemary oil against hair loss

In a container that has a lid, it can be plastic or glass, about the size of a small glass we place a tablespoon of rosemary in dried twigs (you can use the dessert spoon), and then add half a cup of extra virgin olive oil, especially since it has more vitamins and properties than normal olive oil. This oil is very favorable for the strengthening and growth of the nails, also for the hydration of the skin making it more beautiful and healthy. Once mixed the oil and rosemary heat it for two minutes in the microwave. In case you do not have one, you can heat it in the kitchen over low heat using a pot or small saucepan without allowing it to boil. We turn it off when it starts to steam. Cover it and let it stand for at least three days. After this time it is ready to be used.

How to apply the treatment?

We remind you that it does not necessarily have to be on the third day of Rest, you can use it after these three days, either the fourth, the fifth, however you want. The important thing is that you have let the oil stand without moving it during those three days at least. For the application you must spread your fingers with rosemary oil, put your fingers between the dry hairs and start massaging the scalp repeatedly. You spread your fingers as many times as necessary, usually about three or four more applications. In this case the length of the hair has no relevance, because you must concentrate on the scalp.

Healthy scalp allows healthy hair to grow

The massage can be done in a circular way or as you are most comfortable, as long as you do it with energy to activate and “wake up” the hair follicles. The coverage area should be total, not just the top or near the sien. The head should be massaged completely by impregnating the scalp with rosemary oil.

You let it take effect and you can go to bed. The ideas are that you spend all night with the oil and then wash your hair when you get up. You can use this treatment as many times as you want, even every night until it is finished. The result will be an abundant, healthy and strong growth of your hair.


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