Shiny skin can be uncomfortable for many women especially those who have a greasy complexion as it can prevent their face from looking clean and healthy. This problem can be related to various causes such as stress, poor hygiene habits, external genetic factors and hormonal fluctuations that cause the fattening glands to be more active.

Poor quality products can ruin the face and cause pimples and acne. This imperfection usually centers on the forehead, nose and cheeks, although it can also appear on the rest of the face. To avoid this hassle below we share some practical tips to say goodbye to the glow on your face in a few minutes and without spending a lot of money.

Tips to remove the shine on the face

Say goodbye to the shine on the face with these natural remedies that you can prepare at home, The appearance of this oily formation on the skin, which gives rise to the oily complexion, and is an ideal place for the formation of pimples and acne, can be reversed by following the following tips and treatments for the skin.

Deep cleaning

Cleansing on the face plays an important role in the daily routine of beauty because it removes excess shine on the skin. In this case it is advisable to wash the face every morning with a soap that adapts to the type of skin, and with plenty of water to remove all the impurities formed during the night. This procedure prevents fat from accumulating and therefore the famous and uncomfortable muds and pimples grow.


When the skin is oily and with excessive shine, you have to be careful when making up, the ideal is to opt for a base free of oils and smooth powders that help absorb the oiliness and neutralize the easy shine. In the market there are regulatory creams for this aesthetic problem, but it is best that all products are homemade so that problems are avoided by chemicals of dubious origin. In addition, it is important to avoid applying these products with your fingers since the rubbing of these on the complexion can precipitate the glands that cause fat.

Night care

Today there is a variety of natural products that can disappear the shine on the face; such is the case of homemade masks, oils, creams and tonics. All of them are effective if they are applied before going to sleep, but before it is necessary to remove the makeup that was used during the day otherwise the skin cannot breathe and the pores can be clogged causing damage to it.

Drink enough water

Good hydration allows the body to eliminate accumulated toxins and prevent the development of fat on the face. Specialist dermatologists recommend ingesting at least three or four liters of water a day, this way the skin can look fresh, healthy, and young and without excessive shine. It is also important to take care of the diet, that is, you should not abuse the consumption of fat-based foods since this can cause shine, mud or pimples.

Avoiding anxiety and stress

Both stress and anxiety can produce glow on the face. This fact is because the tension causes a release of toxins that affects the skin over time. To avoid feeling uncomfortable and with an imperfection in the face it is important to handle relaxation techniques that help manage nerves.

Eliminate shine on the face with natural treatments

These are inexpensive treatments that can help you remove the shine on your face, end impurities from the skin by removing crassness and leave your complexion clean. These products are also easy to get.

Apple to end up with the shine on the face

The apple turns out to be one of the most effective natural treatments to say goodbye to the brightness of the face since you can prepare an easy mask. You only need to mix half a cup of ground apple, half a cup of cooked oatmeal, egg white and a tablespoon of lemon juice. When the product is as a homogeneous paste is applied to the skin for 15 minutes, after the time is rinsed with cold water and ready.

Absorbent paper

The absorbent paper is basic for this task of absorbing or removing the excess fat on the face that always makes appearance act during the day. These are paper wipes that you can get at pharmacies. Get them and take them with you to use when you deem it necessary, for hot and humid climates they are essential.


This ingredient helps to remove impurities from the face. For its preparation it is necessary to mix three tablespoons with cold water in a container to form a uniform paste. It is then applied by rubbing it on the face leaving it until it is dry, then removed with plenty of warm water. It is recommended to perform this procedure once a day until you notice the result.

Lemon juice

To remove the shine from the face caused by fat, lemon juice can be your ally or. Make a mixture of 10 drops of lemon and 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder. The resulting paste is applied to the areas affected by the shine. Leave on your face for about 15 to 20 minutes and then apply your usual moisturizer and makeup, if you use it. Do it daily until you get results.

Hot water

An excellent fat solvent on the face is hot water. When you get up try to wash your face with very hot water as far as your skin supports it. Wash it very often because exposing it to water like this is getting the fat to accumulate less on the face. Do not use emollients or anything that produces creamy skin; instead use soap because they tend to dry out the skin.

Egg yolk

It is hardly credible per studies reveal that most women do not know that egg yolk can be an excellent homemade treatment to remove the shine from the face. With the help of a swab the yolk should be spread in the areas where there is more shine, after letting it act for 15 minutes it is rinsed and dried with a clean wipe.


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