The changes of looks feel very good, and through a good haircut that adapts to your style and physiognomy, you can easily rejuvenate the appearance of the face.

A haircut can help us remove years from the face. Rejuvenating using a haircut style is very easy and we’ve all seen it in someone at some point, even in ourselves. It hides wrinkles, defines the jaw line, and enhances cheekbones. And the best thing about it all is that, the effect is instantaneous. You walk into the room looking for your age, and you leave looking much younger.

How to rejuvenate with a haircut

Regardless of hair type, length and texture, rejuvenating with a haircut is practically possible for everyone. But first, we must know what kind of face we have and based on that, act accordingly. In addition there are several types of haircuts very in vogue that really offers good results. Proper hair care also meets an indispensable requirement.

We invite you to continue reading so that you follow the step by step of these excellent tips to make an image transformation. A single haircut and its proper care can take many years off your back, which does not want to look younger and radiant, is part of our nature and will make you feel like new!

Pick your face type

Round Face

The most flattering hairstyle on a circular face is long hair loose and with an uneven cut, as it creates the illusion of length. Your ideal haircut should be a few inches below the chin and longer. Long choppy layers work great for a round face as they make it look thinner.

Don’t make layers too short, as they will add volume to one side of the face, emphasizing roundness. Opt for long bangs that rub the cheekbones to create more dramatic angles. The waves go very well and work very well in deflecting the roundness of the face.

 Long Face

Long hair does not benefit long faces, so if you have straight hair and a long face, you should think about creating more width by adding bangs. The bangs go well with each type of face, and those with long faces are lucky because they look great on any of them.

Short hair frames long faces very well and creates width, which means that the “Bob” haircut would be ideal for you. And if your heart is set on long hair, let it be wavy to help balance the length of your face.

Oval Face

Oval faces look great in any style of hairstyle, so be creative and experiment. You can even afford to go do a “Pixie” style super haircut, so don’t be afraid to take some risks.

Try a “Bob” haircut to show off your perfect chin and cheekbones, or you can also make “t-shirt” long waves. Basically, you can have any haircut and length you want every day (with the help of extension).


If you are blessed with a heart-shaped face, then a long bangs on one side is for you. Because the heart-shaped faces are wider at the top, the side bangs soften the amplitude even outside your face.

The bangs divert attention from the breadth of the head and drop the focus into your beautiful eyes. Make sure your stylist doesn’t cut the bangs too short as it doesn’t suit your face shape. Ask them to cut dry and not moist as the hair tends to shrink when it dries.


Women with a square face look wonderful with a long and straight hair since a strong angular jaw needs length to soften the hardness. Women with square faces are also known to be very photogenic. Making waves to the tips of the hair is also cute, as it helps darken any gravity in the jaw line.

The long “bob” haircut looks especially good on square faces, as long as they are not cut to the chin level, it can be in that case a “lob” style, which is nothing more than the “Bob” but longer.

Haircut “Bob” to look younger

A “Bob” haircut is a short haircut for women (and men) in which the hair is typically a straight cut around the head and at the jaw level, often with a stripe (or “bangs”) at the front. It has always been the rejuvenating haircut par excellence and you can play with it, leaving straight bangs, degrafilado, on one side, or simply with a clear forehead.

A mane “Bob” always goes well of any color. You can also vary this haircut in the “Lob” style that is nothing more than variations of this cut but taking it longer.

Haircut “Pixie” to look younger

The “Pixie” haircut is one of the boldest cuts as it means practically giving up what is the typical stereotype of long female hair with which women in general identify. It is a very short style of hair, as it is clear (sometimes), and of light-hearted air. However, this cut offers you several options to wear it: it can be with stripe to one side or with section to the center, or totally backwards. It brings freshness, youth and a “cool” air if you know how to carry it well.

It usually favors women who are not very tall since it leaves the neck exposed. If you have very marked and angular features, this style will accentuate them. And for those who have an oval face, with a short bangs and they will make it look great. This cut requires a tip every month so that it does not lose shape, it must be washed daily because it easily shows the fat of the hair and you can support yourself with a natural fixative for the hair if you want to accommodate it better.

Proper hair care to rejuvenate it

But not only with a cut will be enough to make your image more rejuvenating, you must give it an accurate care. Here we also offer you an option to give a complete spa treatment to your hair. It is a hair mask made from coconut oil.

Rejuvenating hair mask with coconut oil

These amounts make enough for 1 head of medium to long hair. Add more or less the oils depending on the length of the hair and thickness. Coconut oil moisturizes the scalp and hair, while olive oil conditions it. Gelatin is rich in protein, so it is very restorative for hair that is composed mainly of proteins. Need:

  • 3 tablespoons organic virgin coconut oil.
  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil.
  • 1 pack (2.5 teaspoons) of good quality unflavored gelatin.

Combine all the ingredients in a small bowl and mix well. Apply to the entire head with dry hair. (Dry hair is key to better absorption.) Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. (Warning: It will be complicated and can drip). You can also put on a shower cap to hold the oil and create a warming effect. Then wash with your natural shampoo and condition for hair. Try some option of herbal shampoos so you end up with a 100% natural treatment.


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