When you face a lot of solar radiation your mane is very affected. What things can happen to you? Dryness, fragility and fall. Salt and chlorine also mistreats your hair a lot.

During the summer the hair suffers a great dehydration, loses nutrients and it ends up dull and becomes difficult to handle. Treat it and follow to the letter the care that we will mention on how to protect your hair from the sun, chlorine and salt water.

The sun mistreats your long hair

You must keep in mind that any time of the year, whenever the sun rises you must take care of yourself, especially if you are going to expose yourself for a long time. Before you go out in the sun, try to apply products that protect you.

The sun rays dry the epidermis and affect the pH of the scalp bringing as a consequence the appearance of dandruff. Avoid the sun between 1pm and 5pm, because at this time its rays have more strength, your hair suffers as much as your skin, so take care of it and treat it.

When you decide to sunbathe have clean hair because the fat of this in combination with saltpeter, chlorine or the sun’s rays also contributes to hair loss.

Sunscreen for home hair

There are many products that serve as a protector on the market such as gels and lotions but generally these are usually very expensive. Why don’t you create your own protector? This way you will protect your mane from the harmful effects of the sun.

  • Grape seed and rose water: add 5 drops of this oil in 250ml of rose water; place it in a bottle that serves as a splash. Shake well and apply it before going out to expose yourself to solar radiation. This oil acts against sun damage and rose water will give you an amazing floral aroma.
  • Oils and vitamins: heat to bath may half a cup of olive oil and a teaspoon of beeswax. Once you remove it, add 2 capsules of vitamin E and a teaspoon of essential oil. Heat half a cup of distilled water and a little aloe vera until it has a soft build. Put the two mixtures together and let stand for about 20min. And so you’ll have your own sunscreen.

What about chlorine? Sunscreen for home hair.

Look at products to protect hair from pool chlorine. Chlorine usually dries out the hair fiber and if you have dyed hair the color of your hair will be affected, you could also use an anti-chlorine shampoo.

Do pools damage hair?

A good measure of pools is applied chlorine which serves to disinfect the water. The water contains small portions of copper and manganese, chlorine reacts with the metals to generate oxidation, which transforms the metals into green. Exposure of these can cause a greenish color. This chemical usually whitens the hair and even more so when combined with the sun outdoors.

Take care of salt water

Did you know that salt and sand irritate the scalp? Remember that the salt of the sea dries it out, so when you go to bathe try to wear hats and try not to wet your head too much.

Oils that protect your hair

These products to protect the hair from the sun will be very useful. The oil creates a protective layer for the hair; there is a great diversity of oils that will help you:

  • Jojoba oil.
  • Sesame Oil.
  • Sunflower Oil.
  • Olive Oil.
  • Coconut Oil.

Practical tips on how to protect your hair from the sun, chlorine and salt water

If you go to the pool or to the beach when you go out rinse your hair with fresh water. In the afternoon you should wash it with a gentle shampoo and when you get out of the shower petinate it and disassecret it.

Apply masks like cocoa butter that will soften and renew battered hair.

Add nutrition and hydration, use conditioners after washing, and every 15 days apply a product that nourishes you.

Doing this will give you back the softness and shine you so much desire. Take advantage of these handy tips on how to protect your hair from the sun, chlorine and salt water.



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