Makeup was always a great ally for women because if it is applied properly it can hide imperfections but also highlight the beauty of the face. For this reason it is necessary to learn how to make up according to the shape of your face.

It is very important to use the right technique and products for every face shape and skin type, this is the only way you can achieve perfect makeup. When you do not take into account the shape of the face when making up, this will not be at all flattering, on the other hand if you learn the right technique, you can take advantage of the features of the face.

But also to achieve an excellent makeup it is necessary to have brushes, sponges, etc. These accessories make the difference when applying the products, for example it does not look the same to extend the base with the fingertips than to do it with a sponge or a brush.

On the other hand, we advise you to always use toxic-free products, because that guarantees, in addition to a good makeup on your face, the health of it.

How to make up according to the shape of the face

Before you start to illuminate and give a paired tone to the face, cover imperfections and seal pores with our makeup, whether liquid or cream, you must be clear about the shape of the face that you possess. When you do not have in clear the type of face it will only be enough to place a vinca that holds the hair well back and then place yourself in front of a mirror there you can determine the shape of it.

The basic materials to make up the face to illuminate and match the tone are:

  • Basis of skin tone.
  • Base a darker tone.
  • Illuminator.
  • Dust.
  • Blush of the tone that favors the skin type.
  • Brushes.
  • Latex sponge.
  • Square face: After applying the base of the same color as the skin, you should darken the jaw area, then apply the same dark tone on the sien, add blush on top of the cheekbones and illuminate on top of them. For this type of face it is ideal to make up the eyes gently and use transparent lip gloss on the lips.
  • Round face: After applying the base, you must add the dark tone to the sides of the face under the cheekbones, in case of having double chin you have to extend the dark base under the jaw. You should illuminate the area of the forehead, cheekbones and chin in the shape of a triangle and then add the blush on top of the cheekbones.
  • Elongated or oval face: First it is necessary to apply the base of the same tone as the skin, and then the dark tone is applied to the area of the chin, under the nose and on the forehead to shorten the face. Then the rouge should be applied straight on the grapefruits.
  • Triangular or diamond-shaped face: After the base of the same skin tone, the sides of the face should be darkened and illuminator applied to the seines and jaws. It is also recommended to use shadows in neutral tones and opt for a lipstick of intense color, so that you can highlight the lips.

Tips to achieve a perfect complete makeup

In addition to sculpting the face according to the shape it has, with makeup, concealer, base and others, you must take into account the following tips to make up the other parts of the face.

  • Thick lips: For this type of lips you should choose lipsticks in dark tones to reduce the size or that it stays the same.
  • Thin lips: In this case it is necessary that this increase in size then you must apply lipsticks of light colors and transparent gloss to make them look more voluminous.
  • Good eyeliner: Once you’ve made up your face, it’s time to apply the eyeliner. Delineating the eyes is one of the most important things in makeup, because if you do it well and according to the shape of your eye, you will have almost achieved the perfect makeup.
  • Mascara of eyelashes and cornstarch: When you want to get perfect and abundant eyelashes you should apply a layer of mascara (mascara) of eyelash, then take a small amount of cornstarch or loose powders and add it on them, finally add another layer of mascara.
  • The right eyebrows: don’t forget that eyebrows are part of your expression. You can delineate them by pulling out some hair on the bottom or top, depending on the shape you have to make it more expressive. Remember that together, the perfect eyebrows and eyelashes will give a completely different twist to your face, and an accented and genuine expression.

Also don’t forget

  • Oily skin needs “Oil free” products, that is, free of oils, this will prevent the pores from clogging and acne or blackheads from appearing.
  • Dry skin needs products that contain ingredients that have moisturizing properties.
  • Cream products are special for dry skin, because if they are placed on oily skin they run too fast.
  • Powdered products are perfect for oily skin, as dry skin would form lines.

You already know, regardless of the shape of the face, you can always make up adapting the tones and care for each particular case, you will only need to put into practice these tips to get to look attractive and beautiful, as you really are.



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