Nowadays in the fashion world of cuts and hairstyles everything is worth it and there is a lot of “fabric to cut from” when looking for the best hairstyle or haircut that goes best with our type of face. From long haircuts, to very short haircut styles, where in some of them, you choose to cut the bangs, which can be arranged in many ways also according to your face style.

From thick, whole bangs that covers your entire forehead, to fragmented bangs for a very wide forehead. There’s also the bangs worn to one side, there’s the short bangs and the long bangs, and one of the most versatile of all time, the open bangs, which can go long and short, open in half or on one side. Read on to see the best ideas.

Hairstyles with bangs, a style that never goes out of style

Wearing bangs can seem like a pretty simple concept, and there are so many styles nowadays, that gone are the days when you went with the stylist, sat in the chair and asked for a perfect bangs and well cut according to your face shape. Now everything is more practical, and as we have said, in haircuts, everything is worth it.

Luckily, the latest hair trends have been about styles that don’t involve much effort and are low maintenance. Therefore, hairstyles and haircuts with bangs, are no longer difficult to maintain, but are just a simple addition to your beautiful head.

The open bangs can go in many ways: fragmented, despeinado, in between, which is the most dynamic and used, and also the open bangs on the one hand, that depends on the birth of your hair and the style of haircut you wear because the shape of your face no longer counts much in this style that can be as versatile as you think.

Certain bangs can be made so that they are always split in half when you like to wear it but your hair does not help you much, therefore, when you go with your stylist and ask for open bangs, make sure they are long enough to be open, if the shorts are rebellious.

It should also be mentioned that fringes go very well with some styles of hairstyles as in the case of layered haircuts that can look perfect next to a bangs.

How to make an open bangs and look perfect?

Step 1: Ask your stylist for rounded, rainbow-shaped bangs with a soft edge. Shorter lengths in the center will help hair push outwards and textured ends will prevent excess mass.

Step 2: Work with the hair growth patterns of your forehead. Separate the hair near the center, and pay attention to the way it falls, do not force a perfect section, instead, allow the hair to divide naturally to facilitate styling. He combs the hair down on the forehead and then despeinated slightly to reveal the directional movement, and allow it to split on its own.

Step 3: Spray the bangs with a spray and comb with wide tooth comb to allow natural movement.

Here are some examples of how to wear the open bangs, which you can wear with versatility by giving it its own seal.


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