You can prepare matte nail painting at home with the use of materials that you surely have at home, and enjoy a style that is trending to achieve beautiful and fashionable nails.

Matte nail painting is trending

One of the latest trends in nails this year 2016 is the nail art matte effect. This style is very different from what we are used to, but it is the latest fashion and has gone very well in the market.

Stores are packed with these new matte enamels; however, there are some brands that are a bit expensive. In the same way you can save yourself the time to go to buy the enamel, making one at home with only some products that you have in your need. You can turn an old nail polish into a wonderful product, so that you are with the latest fashion on the market. It will take you just a few minutes and you will give your nails a very special, fun and current touch.

What do you need to make matte enamel?

  • Nail polish of the color you want.
  • Talc powder.
  • Enamel diluents or nail polish remover without acetone.
  • Small container.


First of all you must have all the materials on hand. Followed by that, you must make sure that your nails are perfectly clean, filed and with the cuticles hydrated, since for this method to work the nails must be in very condition.

Apply a layer of the color enamel you choose onto your nails, as evenly as you can and then wait for it to dry completely before proceeding to the next step to turn the nail paint matte.

To make sure your nails are very dry, you can speed up the drying process with techniques like a nail dryer. Likewise, if you do not have it you can use a hair dryer and apply hot and cold air until it dries perfectly. You can fix the enamel with residual gas that which remains in the empty sprays canisters.

After they are perfectly dry, then yes you can make the mixture so that your nails look matte. In a container you will place a little enamel from which you chose a little talc powder and a few drops of enamel diluents. Mix everything very well with the help of a brush until you have a homogeneous and fine paste.

Once you have the mixture ready, just apply a layer over your nails and let it dry. You can use the same drying techniques you used for the first layer. You will see that when the enamel is dry it will have the desired matte effect, which you can enhance by applying one more layer of the mixture. When you finish the nails, you just have to apply a layer of transparent enamel so that the nails do not break.

In this way you can get that matte effect on your nails with just a few products and from your home. With this technique you will save money, since you can do the same with all the colors of enamel that you like the most, without any need to have the bright or the opaque, since you have two in one, and in a way that is actually very easy.



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