The hipster style continues to make history when it comes to fashion trends. He has ventured into almost every aspect of the daily life of the male sex, reflected in the way he dresses, wears, express himself and, recently, in the appearance of his face and hair.

According to connoisseurs, the hipster style has reached the levels of approval it holds today; thanks to its liberating proposal, which does not obey pre-established patterns, although it reflects in some way the tastes of the countryside of the United States.

His style revives what we might call the spirit of that rough attitude of the past, whose attitude toward life allowed him to survive the most adverse conditions; without being intimidated by the extreme conditions of its habitat or the demands of peasant life.

That same spirit now comes to us, represented by this trend that will be reflected in the various styles of beards, whiskers and haircut; which have been adapted to the new proposal.

As far as haircuts are concerned, we present below the most representative of this new alternative:

Hipster haircut with short long style

This cut carries a quick marking to the sides, which is emblematic in the hipster short hair style.

It requires to be accompanied by the slightly longer top, whose length allows to be carried in a more natural way or if you want; that is gumned or waxed and then carried back or to the side.

If in your case, you already used it backwards and gumped it, you have the alternative of giving it a little more volume than you used to carry.

Hipster haircut with tupé

He remembers the cuts that made many rockers famous, and from there comes his inspiration.

The tupé, advent now with the new approach that has given him the hipster tendency; it has become the favorite of many celebrities such as actors, models and athletes.

It is a type of cut that allows you to make hairstyles that everyone favors and in which the tupé is the protagonist.

This tupé can be as marked as you want, also a little longer or shorter and anyway; as you decide who will use it; but always carrying its characteristic rocker brushstrokes.

And best of all, it can be taken anywhere and used at any time of the day, for its combination of elegance and informality.

Hipster haircut with long style

It takes on the same importance as the short hipster, as they reflect the spirit of the style and give it its own identity.

This longer style of hair is especially striking to hipster boys, who intend to differentiate themselves from the rest without abandoning good taste.

It has the versatility that allows you to look equally good, if you decide to wear it loose or picked up on top; making a small bun or using a stripped ponytail.

Hipster haircut long and shaved hair

At first glance, this style seems to bear a lot of resemblance to the short style.

The difference is that the top is left much longer than in the shorter style cut; because the length goes under the ears as a mane.

This cut gives us the freedom to choose between a ponytail and a small bun, which is very sought after in the hipster style.

Hipster haircut with long curly hair

This style is characterized by presenting manes somewhat more square and in small layers, which give the appearance of volume and body to the hair, highlighting even more the natural curl.

If you have opted for long hair, your best alternative will be to use a mane cut in light layers, so as to overload it excessively, but that in the same way, gives mobility and volume.

Hipster half mane haircut:

Although the use of the half-mane is not one of the most striking styles among those who follow the hipster trend, its presence is increasingly accentuated.

Therefore, if what you are looking for is not to look like the rest, this trend will come from the wonders and you will attract attention.


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