Not only the haircuts set the trend, but also the color of the hair, the different hairstyles and changes of look can be associated to mark a season or trend, in the case of haircuts that are all the rage this 2021 we can find a wide variety of colors, styles of cuts and hairstyles that are shown below in these 35 photographs to change your look.

Short haircuts

Hairstyles with short hair create a striking low-maintenance look that can be adapted to all types of hair, whether wavy or straight, thick or thin.

1. Cut pixie

Although it is a very short cut style, the Pixie style haircut, it really is very versatile that can accommodate all kinds of faces. Try it, it is a timeless cut, which never goes out of style and does look very chic in all seasons. You can use it with short or long bangs, you can give it all the tones and dyes that are now very trending and you will look great. This cut; usually takes years away from you, so, try!

2. Another variation of the pixie

Pixie cuts that accumulate a maximum volume around the crown are very flattering. And when balanced with extra long bangs, they add genius and a very fresh look to who wears it. High or low contrast balayage reflexes do not go unnoticed either. As a result, you get a style that catches the eye in a good way.

3. Pixie Dismembered

Longer and shorter pieces, deeper and paler tones merge into a pixie-shaped haircut, with a lot of vibe that is not yet exceeded. The faded pink-violet roots provide a perfect background for the ash layers. They seem super dimensional and full of air.

4. Daring Pixie

When you see images like these, you realize that very short pixies are absolutely the best choices among women’s short haircuts. A nape and side cut topped with choppy layers give it a great look. If you can and want you should definitely try. There are no excuses.

5. Bowl or bowl cut

This type of cut is to break stereotypes, without a doubt, and returns from the past with a renewed touch that will undoubtedly awaken sensations, the famous cup cut, as it was known some time ago, can become part of the most modern and daring looks that will set the trend this 2019.

6. Mohawk cut

Could you think you can look innocent with the Mohawk? Sure; it can be very soft, relaxed and pleasant. Blondes with short hair should try this look for a change.

7. Mohawk with painted hair

Shaded color and lavender: dreamer by himself, extra dreamer when combined. Test this dreamy Mohawk. This combo softens the usual hard edge of the Mohawk, resulting in a charming and delicate style of color and shape.

8. Mohawk with bangs

Most inspiring Mohawk images don’t show much in the bangs style. But with bangs, the Mohawks take on a cute pixie look. Ask your stylist about longer hair on top and shorter bangs on front; stylize bangs forward on forehead and dry hair on top and forward.

9. Side bangs

If you have thin hair all you have to change are some details if you want to see it with more volume. This cut is can meet that goal. A side bangs with deep side part works as an optical illusion to create density. This trick is particularly effective in thin and short cuts. Strategically cutting layers around the crown is also very useful.

Average haircuts

Medium length haircuts will confirm a choice as versatile as the style of the woman, these average cuts have the necessary characteristics that make it so docile to fit the look of each one: they are easy to adapt to different types of hair, and also to the different shapes of the face.

How average haircuts can be performed?

The following video explains step by step more than 10 ideas to perform haircuts like a professional:

10. Romantic Bob

The layers and bangs is a cut that adapts to the various lengths of the hair, in the case of the Romantic Bob, it can be adapted very well for those who wish to soften the face. It is undoubtedly an ideal cut for women with thin and elongated faces, or very marked features. Because of its practicality and usefulness, bob cutting will continue to be trending this year as well.

11. Ideal if you are not to use a comb

If you are one of those people who do not like to comb their hair a lot, and you find the stripped look as your favorite, this 2019 you can try with this haircut that will surely make you look perfect and what is better, feel more comfortable with your hair.

12. Bangs half straight mane

The bangs has a reminiscence to the ’70s, but it never ceases to be fashionable and is one of the most chosen hairstyle, adapts very well to the half-mane style and is ideal if you want to look a few years younger.

13. Cut Wavy bob

One of the most versatile cuts that is trending this 2019 and has already been the protagonist of several models since 2017, is the wavy bob cut. This type of cut is one of the most flexible when it comes to adapting to different types of looks or collected.

14. Cut bob parejo

Capes aren’t exactly everything a woman could love, so single-length cuts are having a big comeback. The uniformity of a bob parejo offers a modern aesthetic to the hair. This cut also looks amazing when it’s grown up, so don’t worry about having to run into the salon regularly.

15. Cut for the oval face

This is a wavy bob midcut that suits the oval face type very well. The average scaled cut for the oval face can be asymmetrical or stiletto; to enhance the strengths of the heart-shaped face it is better to focus on a climbed cut that accentuates the movement in the area of the cheekbones down.

16. Matén the curls

This 2019 curly hair takes more strength than in 2017, it’s time to let those curls shine and make them look bigger, so goodbye to the brush or comb and leave the mane loose as much as you can, that look will be fashionable all year round.

17. Angled cut

This tiered cut in layers and “angled” is flattering for all face shapes and gives an illusion of thickness in the hair. Pair this Lob style of haircut with small, subtle lights tones lighter than your base color to create a three-dimensional effect.

18. Cut bob wispy

This style is certainly for a bolder woman, and is a trend in aesthetics and beauty salons in 2019, Discoloration the hair and encouraging you to a more challenging cut, is a change of look that some women are chasing. Know below the different cuts that go very well to discolored hair and not very long.

Long haircuts

This 2019 came with the best trends in cuts and hairstyles for women. Many of them are styles from the past that are again at the forefront. These are the 15 long haircuts that are on trend this 2019.

19. Nirvana Blonde

This style consists of a medium-sized long cut, applying a discolored one on the hair. In this trend, the root is exposed while the rest of the hair is a platinum or blond color.

20. Cut for oval faces

Styles of hairstyle with secluded in half favors the oval and oblong faces. Here is a modern and simple style that offers a symmetrical framing and large and loose waves slightly accented with balayage reflections, sweet and feminine.

21. Boyish

This is a cut with a masculine tendency, where somewhat manly elements are incorporated. It is a very avant-garde style that consists of wearing very short hair but adapted to the current woman.

22. Long Bob

The Long bob cut consists of bringing the hair to the collarbone. This style does not go beyond the shoulders and can be worn regardless of the texture of the hair. It brings volume to the hair and continues to be a trend in haircuts for this 2019.

23. Swag

Swag consists of wearing a bang that is thin but at the same time light. The rest of the hair should be cut into long layers. This styling is ideal for those women who have accented cheekbones and chins.

24. Wob

The Wob is ideal for those women who have little volume in their hair. The length should be medium and the tips should be defined by waving the sides of the hair. A little shorter than the long bob, the wob cut ends on the shoulders, and not being so short allows several hairstyle options, not to mention that it leaves the look much fresher.

25. Carré

This cut lies in wearing French-type hair. That is, you must go along the shoulders and wear a bang on the front and not on the sides. It is a cut associated with female liberation and, in particular, with ‘working women’, as it requires little maintenance time.

26. Boho Chic

Those who wish to look different without changing the length of the hair much, this is the perfect cut. Just tweak the tips and add waves with volume to get a change in styling.

27. Retro – Shag

Retro fashion is back and a very famous one is the shag style. In this cut the hair goes to the height of the shoulders that wears layers and bangs.

28. Asymmetric short

Short hair is in vogue and everyone wants to wear it. However, for those who want to look more feminine they can wear several layers of different lengths. These asymmetrical cuts are very cutting edge.

29. Layers with volume

For those who love long but smooth hair with volume, this is the best cut. Well-defined layers should be made so that hair looks abundant.

These attractive rowdy layers are sure to catch your eye. A few waves, some deliberate explosions of woolly bangs combined with long, unsathed layers: its absolute perfection. Red hair is not necessary, but it definitely works well.

30. Half a mane with bangs on one side

The half mane is always fashionable. However, to give it a different point bangs aside makes all the difference.

For hair that’s as fiery as your personality, vibrant carmine tones give your haircut an extravagant touch. By maintaining a long length and pairing with dramatic bangs, this hair maintains your femininity. But beware; a vivid tone requires regular maintenance.

31. Afro Court

For those who have curly hair and want a radical cut, the afro is the right one. This style never goes out of style and looks great in a woman with brown complexion and abundant hair.

32. Pixie

The pixie is based on the boyish cut. Although it is very short it carries certain locks and is used despeinado type.

33. Midi Mane

To carry this trend it is not necessary to change the length of the hair. When cutting it, the hair should be pulled out around the face. This style is very versatile; you can wear both smooth and curly.

34. Garcón

It consists of wearing the hair so short that the nape of the neck is completely clear. In addition, it wears long bangs with a large volume that goes from the top of the head to the side.

35. A despeinated mane

This is a beautiful example of a soft and elegant despeinated mane. Use anti-frizz hair softeners to achieve a trendy effect that frames the face and flows effortlessly. It may not be as bulky as a real mane, but some days you just want to look and feel different.



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