Livia, an 80-year-old grandmother who lives in a nursing home, never thought she would become a viral sensation online when she asked her granddaughter to put on makeup, but that’s exactly what happened.

Grandma becomes a sensation after asking granddaughter to make her up

Croatian artist Tea Flego, showed in a clever way the process that makeup can do to literally take an older person out of their 20s. This practice turned out not only to be an action to know the skills of this great makeup artist; this resulted in a strengthening of the special grandmother-granddaughter bond that was hidden.

Now, this grandmother of 80, is known in the networks as the Glam-Ma and is enjoying the success that the Internet has given her due to the renewed look that her granddaughter’s art gave her, proving that, although some somewhat superficial, for others it offers them an opportunity to play with age in a healthy and fun way.

There is no doubt that the Internet is the medium that offers the most striking trends today, and that make us aware of what others are doing in their life projects. To some this story will seem frivolous; to others it will offer good ideas to do their own thing as well.


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