For many women the maintenance of their nails is a mandatory activity in their daily life, and to keep them in the right style they must always be informed about what is the trend that is being carried. In this sense of a time here the Flip Manicure is the style that is imposed when it comes to making your hands see with style and elegance.

What is flip manicure?

The “crazy nails” as they are also called in this style of retouching on the nails, are about the placement of different elements to decorate the interior of the nails and although they are rarely seen, without a doubt, they become increasingly popular among girls. The main characteristic of this type of nails is that they must be shaped like an almond; they must also have enough space for whatever the ornament or design that you want to place, you can appreciate.

Designs for the Flip Manicure

In the design you choose for your “Flip nails” you can add colored pebbles, pearls, glitter, figures, frost and anything you can think of, in fact the more extravagant it looks the better. To achieve a better result the ideal is to go with a professional, although there are those who dare to do it by themselves.

Thanks to actresses, singers or famous personalities, this trend is becoming more and more popular, square or short nails are left behind, even if you do not want to wear such a striking design, just by painting them with your favorite color, they will look great. There are those who choose to only give them the shape and apply a bright color, this will make your nails have a delicate appearance, in fact brides are using this alternative when it comes to fixing their hands.

A growing trend

However there are many women who even this style of nails does not convince them, they consider them extremely bizarre and exaggerated for any occasion, in addition this technique is not only based on painting them from the top, but also from the bottom although it sounds that it does not make sense, since this part is very little visible.

If you want to dare with the flip manicure fashion you can start by just applying color, and there are many combinations that you can make, in this way you can get used to it and as you do it, you can add more elements to your design, you could even create themes for your own design, but that yes at this point, without a doubt the best recommendation is to avoid doing it yourself, since no matter how much you are an expert fixing your hands, this type of designs will always be better when made by someone else.


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