Reaching middle age is no reason to leave style on the road. In fact, it’s more of a reason to step up your game and dress more elegantly than ever before. While you may feel like your body isn’t working exactly as it used to, there are many tricks you can put into practice so that, dressing your 50s and over in style, is easier said than done.

Dressing in style at 50 and over is as possible as your 20s

Confidence levels increase with age, and now that you’re well trained, let your wardrobe reflect your self-esteem. If you are one of the people who does not care about the style and follow their own guidelines regardless of the rest, congratulations! In life it is worth everything, as long as it makes you feel excellent.

But, if you’re tired of dressing without a defined style and really want a change, you want to start looking like an elegant and good-looking style (for you especially), and you don’t know where to start, this article is for you. Dressing in style at your age is possible, of course it is! And here are some examples that will help you. Put them into practice and bring out that formidable “look” that you had hidden for years.

Choose small fabric prints that work in your favor

Ladies, a big, bold pattern can unfortunately be your undoing. A smaller one, however, that is not used from head to toe can do wonders to slim down the body and serve as a bold topic of conversation.

Go for the elegance of a pocket handkerchief

Men, they’ve been waiting their whole lives to be mature enough to pull off the handkerchief. Now that you’re 50, you’ve aged like a good wine and there’s no better time.

When it comes to designing your handkerchief there are very few definitive rules. However, avoid your tie and handkerchief square matching too much. Instead, opt for a handkerchief that complements and contrasts with the rest of your look. When in doubt, a simple white handkerchief (with or without a colored trim) is a smart choice.

Leggings are for the gym

A tip also of what you should not wear if at your age you are already looking for a more defined and elegant style, are these very tight pants from top to bottom. Just not. Well, you can use them in your home, but that’s about it. Leggings are officially no longer appropriate for use in public once you reach middle age and, above all, you are looking to look good.

Choose a subtle brand

Now that you’re 50, you’ll probably be able to afford better quality stuff. But just because you’re giving yourself over to more well-known and expensive brands doesn’t mean you should display them on your chest. Choose pieces with the brand subtly exposed only, as in the form of a small logo instead of a large letter.

Keep your heels to a minimum

Heels too high sometimes encourage postural bad behavior. And what’s worse: they can create the illusion of sagging breasts, which is true; no woman over 50 wants it! Instead, keep the heels appropriate for your age.

  • Needless to say, you should put on whatever you want and feel fabulous, but if you’re looking for shoes that accentuate through anything other than the heel height, we have some tips: For the illusion of length, toed shoes will make your legs look longer.
  • Bare shoes will also lengthen your legs.
  • If you have wide ankles, avoid ankle straps, as they will widen your ankles. A sling back is a better option.
  • Round-toed shoes are more comfortable and flattering on a wider foot.
  • If you have shorter legs, avoid ankle straps, this will shorten your legs as the strap will cut the eye line.

Gladly accept your glasses

Your four eyes may have made you get teased in high school, but now, officially, they’re your best and wisest accessory. In addition, nowadays, there are a huge amount of styles, colors and shapes to use. Look for the one that best goes with the bone structure of your face.

Say no to loot

Ankle boots are for teens (especially when paired with skirts or dresses). Say no to the booties unless it’s with a tight pants that narrows at the ankle.

Build your repertoire of ties

You should have abandoned the tie bond a long time ago, but if you’re still working with a handful of them, it’s time to step it up. Wool ties, knitted ties, silk ties: everything should be basic in your tie collection.

In “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” Oscar Wilde wrote, “With a night coat and a white tie, anyone, even a stockbroker, can earn a reputation for civilcy.” We like the way Wilde thinks, so our advice is to be cautious and always wear a tie, unless the occasion is predominantly informal. However, even for informal events, you can choose to be the gentleman who defies conventions and creates his own style rules by singing a draw.

For each suit (either business suit or casual suit), you must have three ties. If you have a tuxedo or dinner suit, a man tie of similar color will serve, but if you’re adventurous, take it all out with a bow tie.

Balances patterns with color

We’ve already established that large, bold fabric prints can look disgusting. Therefore, in addition to keeping the patterns small, contrasting them with a solid color can help slimming the body down. Keep things classic and not too overwhelming.

Avoid broken and torn pants

No. Just not.

Opt for flattering coats adapted to your body

Outerwear should be flattering, well adapted to your body, simple but elegant. Any coats or jackets that are bulky, overly hairy or scruffy should be donated immediately.

Don’t be afraid of scarves

Maybe when you were a younger boy, you avoided scarves for fear of looking too metro sexual. But that’s a thing of the past. Not only will a scarf keep you warm, but it can also work wonders to highlight your warm clothes. For both men and women, scarves and scarves, are the accessory to use from here on out if you are looking to style your dress.

Brighten your shoes

Whether you do it yourself or someone else, but those loafers shouldn’t look dull at your age. It costs nothing. And, if you’re looking to look better and increase your style when dressing, shoes are critical.

Beware of cheap denim

Cheap and inherently badly made denim is easy to take when you’re young and your body firm. But in your 50s, it’s a bad bargain. Opt for jeans with a cowboy cut and high stem, which will lengthen your legs and flatter your belly in the best possible way.

Dress in red

Between accessories, shoes, blazers, blouses, dresses, skirts coats and endless items you can wear. Just look for the best combination and stand out among those pale colors that you are choosing to use in your change with red, a timeless color, particularly sensual and bold in the winter.

Put together your best outfit to dress in style

At 50 and over, a drain tube suit with a thin flap can be quite difficult to remove. Instead, consider a double-button jacket with wider lapels. In addition, the pants should be flat-fronted and (obviously!) adapted to your body.

Use the pucker to your advantage

There is no denying the fact that a little texture is essential to hide any lump around the center.

Invest in a well-made leather jacket

A quality leather jacket isn’t going to be cheap, so invest in a quality one and consider yourself in the fact that you’ll have it for the rest of your life.

Choose fabrics with a little stretching

We’re not talking about gym-like leggings. We just want to say that a little stretching can be very helpful, especially when your metabolism betrays you with a little (or a lot) of bloating.

Buy a variety of blazers

In a variety of materials. Look for discreet window panels and crow’s feet or materials such as linen and textured or padded wool. Just be sure to take each one to your tailor to make sure they fit well.

Choose short, tight t-shirts

It may not be your blouse of choice, but at times when it may seem like your waist is widening more and more, a short, tight top really adds the illusion of a smaller, tighter center and please opt for t-shirts without drawings or phrases.

Just buy clothes that fit

The time to buy something simply because you like it, even if you don’t have it in your size, is over. If something doesn’t fit perfectly, but it’s easy to save, take it to your tailor.

Don’t combine your bag with your shoes

Being too blunt is a false fashion step that can instantly age you. Don’t fall for it. The same color and even almost the same pattern in shoes makes you look stiff and serious, and we want more style, more versatility when it comes to combining these accessories. If the shoes and purse are in tonality with the clothes you are wearing, enough.

Color lock your sets

The lines are sharper, sleeker, and generally more classic when you lock color. Avoid anything in acidic colors or bright pastels, and instead opt for classics like camel color, light gray, navy blue, forest green and dark red.

Wear neckline with buttonhole neck

It is the perfect hiding place to accentuate your best features. Style experts often change round-necked pieces to buttonhole collars for their older customers, as the shoulders, along with wrists, are body parts that hold up well and are worth bragging about.

Fewer T-shirts, more woven pieces

While a shirt and tie is always a classic, having an arsenal of woven clothes at your disposal is an elegant way to change things and also keep warm during the fall and winter. Make sure you have pieces that go well for thick shawl-necked cardigans and thick fisherman jumpers, as well as thin cashmere and long-sleeved wool polo shirts.

Beware of brightness

You should not be afraid to shine, but you have to do it subtly, as with a fabric that has a light shine or a slightly metallic accessory. But please don’t get seen as a disco sphere.

Opt for short hairstyle

As you get older, it may seem intuitive to keep your hair longer to create the appearance of more hair, but it’s actually quite the opposite. A shorter haircut makes the hair look more abundant if you experience hair loss or a fading hairline. A bob cut for example.

Invest in pants, not jeans

Sure, you can still have your jeans, but when it comes to pants, it drops more money on durable, comfortable, effortlessly chic pants. Needless to say, but make sure they are also well adapted and flattering.

And while you’re doing all this, use a shampoo to thicken

One of the things a man or woman looks for in their 50s and over, is to have more hair or at least, to have it less thin. Going towards improving the style of your hairstyle requires hair, doesn’t it? Well, using a shampoo that gives your hair more thickness can be the key, and along with that:

  • Regular aerobic exercise causes blood to pump and increases circulation.
  • Fat clogs your circulatory system and a diet rich in fatty foods, sugar and carbohydrates can leave fat deposits that decrease circulation.
  • Stay away from so much hair chemistry.
  • Manage stress.
  • Massages the scalp.



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