The colors ash blond and platinum for hair, is one of the new trends of hair dyes. They make the hair look with an almost metallic tone that gives it an otherworldly charm, and that reminds the free-wing creatures of the legends of the Celts and the Scandinavians. Stylists around the world have been somewhat baffled by the rise in popularity of this fashion. How come these dull colors of almost gray hair, become such strong trends? We have several amazing photos below that will help you understand how gorgeous the dark and platinum blonde color can look in your hair.

Different styles of ash blonde and platinum hair

It’s always good to have options and the ash blonde color and platinum colors are a trend in hair color that, believe it or not, is very flexible to make you look cute in various ways. Are these gray, dark colors going to make you look like an older woman? Not really, if you’re young and you wear makeup and a rich strong lip color, for example, that will make a big difference in your look, making you look ethereal, sophisticated and different instead.

The following are different ways in which you can wear this interesting ash blonde color and some shades of platinum in your hair; they are different styles where you will wear these colors according to the size and color of your natural hair.

Dark roots and ash blond locks

There was a time, not so long ago, when women all over the Western world were frightened by the idea that their hair dyed a lighter color would begin to make dark roots noticeable as it grew older. At present, they are flaunting those functions, that is, the dark roots and which, however, do not look like grown hair because the transition between the two colors is intentionally stained.

 Platinum grey in Ombré style

The ombré technique differs from the dark root technique in that the dark part usually begins at the height of the jaw, and the change from dark tone to ash or silver is uniform. Who would want to dye their hair like that? A lot of women, actually. That is, all those who understand how beautiful you can see a hair with platinum grays or ashes ombré style. The model in this photo appropriately matches the technique with wide curls, which add a touch of royalty to the style. Note how subtly the tones blend from dark to light.

Blonde ash Ombré discreet

Not all women want a dramatic ombré look, especially if they work in a corporate environment or if they are still going to school. A fantastic solution is to go with a very discreet dark ash blonde hair style on the basis of a “long bob”. There will be no complaints and you will have a fabulous look, with a different look as you like but ideal for every activity you get involved in.

Blonde cenizo balayage

With a lot of class, this style of blonde cenizo decorates very well its silver tone with the balayage technique. You can clearly see why red hair is a must this year. Long dark hair in any shade, can stand out perfectly with silver accents. With soft waves and letting them flow along the back you will shine.

Tips in ash blonde or platinum ombré style tones

You don’t have to extend your darkened colors to cover most of your hair – you can always highlight only the tips. Women with dark hair will love how their platinum tips complement their dark brown hair; all you need is a medium to long lint style haircut for better impact.

Long platinum blonde hair technique ombré

If you’ve made an effort to grow your hair long and you’re proud to show it off, go for the ombré style with dark blonde tones or more platinum even if you want to give it an impressive effect, especially if your hair is longer than half a back and combed in waves.

Short platinum pixie hair with dark root

Another myth about dark hair that is worth debunking is the one that says it only works with long, wavy manes. Here’s a look that completely contradicts this cliché. This already grown pixie cut is very contemporary with its asymmetrical cut and roots in black tone. Meanwhile, the rest of the hair has been dyed an ash blonde or platinum that will look amazing for an ultra-modern overall effect.

Ash blonde Ombré pixie with bangs

Here’s another gradient color look for your inspiration. This one is atypical in its asymmetry. Most of the ombré looks, involve two horizontal sections dyed in different shades or shades gray or ash blonde. This one involves lighter diagonal stripes, which look more like reflections.

From black to platinum and all in waves

If you’ve ever had any doubts that ombré styles work great with waves and curls, this look will definitely put an end to your worries. The African-American model has opted for a dramatic transformation, getting almost half the length of her hair, in platinum-tinted curls. The result is an impressive contrast of colors.

Blonde cenizo with platinum accents in the hair

Instead of creating a powerful contrast between light and dark tones for your ombré, you can choose a natural look with the ash blonde with platinum tones. Choose ash blonde as the base color and use platinum as a glow on selected pieces.



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