Wearing colored wicks is a booming trend especially in the summer season and turns out to be a popular trend; in addition this type of look can look very good for all hair types and in various styles of hairstyles.

For those who want us to dye their hair completely, they can choose to dye some wicks and be fashionable. Whether they are light or darker colored wicks, any can help you wear a modern look and that can be adapted and combined with different style of hairstyles and clothing.

Color wicks and their advantages

The wicks can give the hair more life by using the light offered by the light colors, which gives a more rejuvenated look to the hair, one of the best examples are the Californian wicks, which can also be combined with the balayage wicks. A tip given by more renowned stylists is that the color we give to our wicks is not more than 2 or 3 shades than that of our normal hair; with this we achieve a more natural appearance.

For dark wicks

When choosing a dark color to dye the wicks, what we do is intensify the natural dark tone of the hair, so it is ideal to opt for about 2 or 3 shades above our color. However, they also look great in shades of blond and ash hair, and in other darker shades such as dark brown you may not notice much difference. If your hair is a light brown tone, for example the blond wicks give more depth to your color and make it look more natural.

Lighter wicks

When trying to wear lighter hair we can opt for colored wicks and thus avoid totally discoloring the hair, avoiding the damage that can cause to the tips and yet being able to wear a very fashionable look, in addition to disguising the dyeing that looks unnatural.

To achieve a fresher appearance, you can choose to give it color in the wicks either in the bangs and tips, this type of style is known as Californian wicks or wicks ombré. It is a look that is used a lot on catwalks and is also the most common choice of actresses and characters recognized in the world of fashion and celebrities.

Using different shades at the same time

You can create an effect on your hair as if it were a natural dyeing by the sun, creating wicks of different colors and fading it towards the tips.

For women with blond hair the best shades for colored wicks are sand, apricot or honey. Also other colors such as caramel, chocolate and mocha go very well in the wicks for brown hair.



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