The term hipster refers to a group of people who are usually distinguished by their attire and clothing, style of hairstyle and beard, and tastes that encompass music, the places they attend, the vintage trend and style and retro look and the use of Smartphone and MacBook with which they work. They have a penchant for the underground wave and discard everything related to the mainstream. However there are many other characteristics that define a true hipster and knowing them can help you understand a little more this culture that has been in existence for several decades.

Origins of hipster culture

Although lately everything linked to hipster culture has taken more force and relates it, especially to men with a certain look and style of hairstyle and beard, in reality its origins are related to a musical and bohemian movement in the ’40s, which occurred mainly in upper-middle class neighborhoods and whose musical environment began to determine the style of clothing more related to jazz, alternative or indie music.

Main features of a hipster

In this subculture not only men can be part of it, women also join this movement and stand out for their clothing, use of some cosmetics and trend. To know in depth what it means to be a hipster, let’s focus on its main features that highlight it.

The Hipster Beard

The style of beard that can be associated with hipster fashion, can be classified as a search for style of Victorian London, highlighting large whiskers that are usually accompanied by abundant beard with growth downwards, trimmed the sides, the mustache usually leaves the lips exposed however towards the sides the mustache is allowed to grow to be able to screw it, giving the classic style.

You should also pay attention to the hair, the ideal haircut to mark that style is to leave the hair longer on the top and trim the sides, a trend mostly seen in current athletes.

Hipster fashion

The outfits, accessories and objects that they usually wear are especially retro, as we have already mentioned, everything that can trace past classic trends, and that have a vintage style cannot be missing in hipster fashion. And it is necessary to clarify that this subculture is not only relegated to men, since women also have these tendencies and tastes and are easily identified with some of the following characteristics.

Purchases are usually made in second-hand tied as, where you can buy used clothing but that have a special meaning, as well as a retro and classic ethyl.

The accessories that you will always see in a hipster are gloves, scarves, hats or hats, and they look for better those handmade accessories, which can add more value to the accessory.

The use of glasses as much as they are not necessary, cannot miss, since this in conjunction with the other accessories, gives you the classic hipster look.

Retro dresses

Dresses with floral tones that are glued to the body are usually a classic style in hipster women. We try to keep an older style. The dresses are usually fitted on top and vintage T-shirts are also used, these are usually very short, trimming sleeves or are also worn very large, to wear inside the trousers.

The use of scarves in a hipster girl can go very well either with long or short clothes, even in not very low temperatures, what is sought is to maintain a style and the sensation it produces in contact with the neck.

Transform a jeans that is not tight into a very short shorts, this is a well-marked style for those women looking to show off their legs and be fashionable.

Accessories such as bracelets and buns are also present; including the mixture of many accessories on the wrist, along with some ring is part of this trend and style.

Tastes and inclinations

  • They love indie music, jazz and alternative rocks, some of the musicians who are usually the most cited by them are Bob Dylan. Tom Waits, Banks, Nora En Pure, Devendra Banhart, also bands like Justice, Beach House, Beirut and Arcade Fire among many others.
  • Independent cinema or classic films are the main inclination for them.
  • The shops where you can appreciate the clothes that marked an era, we refer to the ’40s and ’50s are one of its delights, as are the vintage and retro objects, furniture and ornaments.
  • The latest in technology, such as the use of Smartphone, ipad, and MacBook is one of its main inclusions, as well as all accessories to carry them, which must comply with retro and vintage styles.
  • The visit to all kinds of art galleries and alternative exhibitions are one of its main outings.
  • The usual outings are usually made to bars with a particular charm, where the music preferred by them is usually passed and has a very retro style, both in its decoration and its atmosphere.
  • They usually have greater participation in the social network of Instagram, where they can communicate and share photos applying photo filters that give them an ideal style, in addition to sharing other types of publications.



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