Californian wicks don’t go out of style and it seems they never will. It is a style that revives hair color leaving flashes of good taste and elegance. Not for nothing do actresses like Sarah Jessica Parker and Drew Barrymore use them on every red carpet. In fact, it is the look preferred by several ‘celebs’; and best of all, getting them done from home is not complicated, below is taught the step-by-step procedure to achieve a beautiful Californian mechas.

Considerations for Using Californian Wicks

To achieve an impeccable result you must understand some bases of the functionality of this style for hair, such as who to favor, for example. At this point it is important to say that it is designed for any woman. Being a natural look it adapts all hair colors, which means that it does not require a whole life tucked into the beauty salon.

Another advantage of using Californian wicks is that the roots go unnoticed, so if you keep the same hair color you will simply have to dye the long ones. Its application can be requested in any hairdresser or beauty salon from all over Europe and Latin America. It can also fit very well for short or long hair. You may be interested in reading about haircuts and another option such as hairstyles with braids.

Californian wicks at home

But why spend when from home they can be done at low cost? With the following steps you get the same results that any beauty salon could offer. Of course, you should try to follow the instructions to achieve the desired effect.

Step-by-step hairstyle

It starts by dividing the weight into two sections, pouring the mixture that has been prepared previously into a professional brush until it is completely covered. Now you can start with the mecha-in-wick app. It is recommended to brush each lock from a height that goes from the ears and chin to culminate at the tip. It is important that the lock of hair is white with the mixture so that a complete result is achieved.

Practical examples of wicks

Camilla Alves: in it you can see professional Californian wicks. Part of this result is due to the tonality that was applied, evidently uses a color that is combined with your skin, the combination of dark background with the golden honey color of the wicks is beautiful. Perhaps the finish of the tips has not been well taken care of but that error can be corrected.

Lea Michele: in this example you can see how the mane is well maintained. The sheen combined with straight, defined bangs adds texture to the overall look. Perhaps the change from dark to light blond color that starts at the tips is somewhat abrupt, but it can be corrected by giving more extension to the black color.

Sarah Jessica ParkerSarah’s Californian wicks show that variety is the key to wearing a high-altitude look. In this case it is observed how the tone and height of the dye are correct. But it also highlights the lack of form and volume, both features are important to show off a complete style.

Bianca Brandolini: it seems that the combination of more than two shades can have surprising results in this type of wicks. Colors like toffee, honey and almond combine with your skin tone. Bianca bets on a smooth mane and yes, perhaps abusing the ironing of tips but this error is simple to correct using this artifact to a lesser extent.

Vanessa Hudgens– Vannea Hudgens’ lesson is that the stark contrast between a top tone, mid-end and tips can look good if the right shades are chosen. The volume in this case is due, which by the way denotes little brightness and does not stand out as much as that of Camilla Alves, to give an example. But Californian black hair wicks are a good choice too.

Practical tips for sporting defined Californian wicks

The first point is to clarify that hair length is never an issue. If the mane reaches men then it should start at the height of the ears. While if the hair is long, it is recommended to start the wicks at the height of the chin. To begin the dye can be started from the back of the hair. When the product has been applied you should wait between 25 and 45 minutes.

The choice of product quality is also fundamental, you can not play with low quality material, and if you want long-term result you must choose very carefully. For its maintenance just one wash a day with shampoo of choice and voila, those Californian wicks that you see in celebrities will also look beautiful in your hair.

Which Californian wick colors to choose?

To know which wick color is most recommended in your hair, we must pay attention to the natural tone of the hair and also the tone of our skin, and on that we can rely to choose the ideal color.

Brown hair

For example, in the case of brown hair, the color of an ash blond wicks may be the best choice, we should always try to make the degrade of the hair tones look natural, the shiny blonde can also be a good choice.

For brunettes

The light brown color can accompany these Californian wicks very well, you can even play with the degraded tones and apply a blonde tone on the tips, and another good option can be the coppery wicks for women with brown skin. There are also the dye options for those who dare more; the green, pink and blue tones can go perfect in the Californian wicks.

Blonde hair

In the case of having light or blond hair you can perfectly show off some dark brown or light wicks that give a natural appearance, and it is advisable to use the colored chalks or make a color bath to get dye our hair but without spoiling it. You can see these options to give color to the plant-based hair.

You may find it interesting to read about layered haircuts that are timeless and can be worn on all hair types, long, half-manes or shorts.

Californian wicks for short hair

If you have short hair do not worry, Californian wicks and short hair are an excellent combination that you can wear without any problem. Cases like that of Miley Cyrus, Drew Barrymore and Katharine McPhee, wear this style of hairstyle and dye in their short manes.

To adapt these wicks you must take into account these tricks: To give shine to these Californian wicks in your short hair, it is very important to know how to choose well the proportion of hair that will cover the dye that will be what makes the big difference between a well-achieved wick and a half-hearted job. The most advisable thing in this case, is that a stylist can guide you, since they will know how to find the right point to achieve more attractive wicks.

In the case of the half mane, for example, the ideal is that the wick “to the Californian” is not extended too much in order to achieve a gradient that can be noticed and not diluted.




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