We must emphasize that butterfly tattoos are a type of female tattoo, therefore you will rarely be able to see a man with a tattooed butterfly, although this does not have exclusivity. On the other hand, we must also be aware that it is a very flexible pattern and by flexible we mean that it can be applied together with other models of tattoos, combining well with other accessories and being able to highlight even more the tattoo of the butterfly.

One of the advantages of butterfly tattoos is that many variants can be made in terms of pattern and color (wings can appear in almost any color and various meanings can be given to the tattoo).

What does a butterfly tattoo mean?

The butterfly tattoo symbolized femininity and youth. When two butterflies appear together, the meaning changes completely, because it results in a pair that is believed to last many years longer. It also indicates loyalty and honesty within marriage.

For other cultures, the butterfly was a kind of spiritual leader, he was the agent to guide the soul and take it from earth to heaven. That is, butterfly tattoos also represent the journey, transference and process from one life to another. In some cases, it is also associated with rebirth; the idea of being born again is closely associated with tattoos of butterflies with open wings.

It is also a symbol of before and after, a symbol of the process, of change. This is because this insect turns from worm to butterfly, which represents changing from one state to another to be more beautiful or bloom. Therefore, a butterfly tattoo presents hope, the fact that a change is possible.

The butterfly presents a multitude of meanings that can be easily combined with variants related to the pattern, size, meaning, shape and color of the tattoo. Tattooed butterflies also look very elegant, and can easily adapt to the way we dress or look.

Most popular butterfly designs in tattoos

Among the designs chosen when looking for a butterfly model to tattoo, you can find the Blue Morpho Butterfly, Monarch Butterfly, Butterfly Papilio aristodemus, Butterfly Teinopalpus aureus, among others, even the 3d models of butterfly tattoos next to the tribal butterfly that can be combined with other small tattoos to create a world of fantasies.



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