Like the rest of the body, the eyes come in all shapes and sizes, and one of these variations are the hooded or hooded eyes, which are nothing more than eyes with drooping eyelids, or swollen eyelids, as they are most commonly called.

Although this form of eye is not usually much loved by some people who own it, it is actually very common, even among some of the most impressive celebrities in the world, who use makeup tricks to disguise drooping eyelids and make them look spectacular.

Drooping or hooded eyelids have excess skin folding down, from the bone of the forehead to the line of the eyelashes, which darkens the fold, contracts the eyelids and can make you look drowsy. Many people have this eye shape from birth, but it could also be the result of age.

The problem is that makeup techniques to disguise the drooping eyelid, do not always work. The key is to learn how to select and wear eye makeup that will make your eyes look wider and more awake.

Makeup tricks to disguise drooping eyelids

Whether you want to bring the look for a night out or just show off more illuminated eyes for your day at the office, we’ve found the techniques you need to make your sagging eyes – hooded and all – shine. That’s why we’ve prepared these makeup tricks to disguise this type of eyes.

1. Invest in a makeup prebase that you love

One of the things that can help you wear eyeshadow and without it sliping over your eyelids and eyebrow bone, is a good pre-base eye makeup. It’s called “prime” too, and it’s like a base that precedes makeup to fix the latter even better.

Wearing a pre-base makeup on the eyelids, will help you fix the shadow without it fading, this will help maintain that look you want on your eyelids.

They come in different shades and colors to disguise even skin color and blemishes, but their biggest goal is to fix the makeup and make it durable. They come in liquid or powder. Choose the prime that best goes with your skin.

2. Just wear eyeliner and spot-proof mascara on drooping eyelids

People with hooded eyes know very well the struggle of eyes stained with makeup. 15 layers of mascara are applied, or, finally, they make the eyeliner look perfect, and with a simple blink of an eye and the entire eyelid is stained with makeup and the work is ruined.

Prevent that from happening again with the waterproof, stain-resistant makeup you can already find in environmentally friendly products.

3. Delineate by the line of the top tabs

This is a makeup trick to disguise the eyelids very effective. It means you’re going to take the eyeliner and apply it directly to the line where the eyelashes are, as close as you can to your eyeball.

That will make your eyes look more defined and larger. It seems difficult, but it becomes easier with practice. You can do it both up and down; however, leaving the inner line of the lower eyelashes without eyeliner, generally makes the eyes look bigger.

4. Experiment with color in makeup to disguise hooded eyes

All is not “lost” if you have drooping eyelids, as playing with color can bring you many advantages in particular. Since your eyelids cover a large area of your eyes, naturally, it will create a more subtle appearance.

It’s the perfect excuse to go out with a hint of season bold color, like a touch of violet, which could be overwhelming in a larger eyelid space.

Try an electric blue or fuchsia color. You can even use either mascara or mask and eyeliner for a more dramatic look. Be sure to bring leftovers beyond the crease up, to maximize the color below.

5. Apply shade over the fold

This makeup technique can make all the difference if you have droopy, hooded or swollen eyelids. Have you ever put on too much eyeshadow only to find that it disappears as soon as you open your eyes?

That’s a common problem if you have this aesthetic condition, but it’s easy to fix, simply by leaving no shade under the crease and putting it only on top of it, or applying it but extending its application above the eyelid fold.

In the following image, as you can see, dramatic tones such as these smoky ones, give depth to the eyes. If you can see well, the shadow was cast over the natural fold of the eye and was also placed on the lower eyelid as a blurred shadow.

These colors and way of placing them, give the eye more depth, and even more if you apply a lighter and pearlescent tone only in the middle of the two eyelids. This effect will give the eye a more open and brighter appearance.

6. Makeup creating a cat-eyed style

Sometimes a good cat’s eye can be difficult if you have drooping or hooded eyelids, but this technique brings a lot of benefit to this type of eye. The possibilities of playing with this style of making up your eyes are endless, that depends on your own eye.

7. Experiment to take advantage of your drooping eyelids

The only way to know what works for you is through experimentation. Having quality and body-friendly products helps a lot too, but other than that, it’s all about practicing and learning from mistakes.

When you have free time, try a variety of cat’s eye shapes and sizes, or see if extending the eye shadow beyond the crease helps, or not; if the strong colors go with your eye style too. In short, this is based on experimentation.

Mastering eye makeup when you don’t have much eyelid space isn’t easy, but you’re not alone. Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively, and Camilla Belle are just a few of the gorgeous celebrities who have hooded eyes, or drooping eyelids as we generally call it, so you can gain confidence (and inspiration by putting on makeup) from them, because in reality, it’s just one more form of eye, which you can take a lot out of to look different and gripping.



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