Wide hips are a huge attraction in women, so many of them instead of disguising them seek to highlight them using different “tricks” related to the way they dress and walk. Slender and stylized figures prevail in the world of modeling and are also implanted in the real plane, for a long time the “fashionable body” avoided curves, so many women with wide hips or prominent bodies desperately sought to fit into that impossible body model. Every body is beautiful and it is important to accept them with their differences and advantages.

How to look wide hips

Since mid-century things have changed, with the appearance of figures from the show that show off their curves smoothly– such as socialite Kim Kardashian – the prejudice of wide hips was in the past and now it’s time to wear them proudly. To take advantage of your body you have to learn to know it, love it and know what will make you look it and what will not. Here we will teach you 5 ways to show off your wide hips.

Dare with the colors

In addition to the shape of the clothes the colors are an important element to highlight your wide hips. Dark colors such as black, violet, blue can help you stylize your figure and therefore wear it. The colors and prints you can also wear them, but the best is dark colors at the bottom and above the most striking.

Don’t be afraid of the high-heeled

If you want to take advantage of your hips the fashion of jeans or high-top skirts was designed for your hips. This style feels perfect in your body type as it helps you to profile and stylize your body; it shapes your figure in a fabulous way. In the case of long-toed skirts the same thing happens, look for simple designs without too many details (or will have the opposite effect), preferably complete or a little above the knees.

Leggings and tube pants

Another type of clothing that will highlight your hips is leggings and tube pants as they accentuate the bottom and highlight your curves. Try to make them dark colored and reserve the showiness for the top. If you want to achieve an additionally great look you can use the famous blazers (type of jacket) that will undoubtedly settle this area of your body, if you close it will have the effect of fine-tuning your waist.

The importance of belts

The belts are your great allies to show off your wide hips, they can be accompanied with a blouse, shirt or with a dress and they will completely highlight your figure, they can be worn at waist height or below the chest.

Walk safely

Do not be afraid to highlight your body, move with confidence and you will attract a look without thinking too much, use shoes that make you feel comfortable and safe you can try with boots (high or low) or thick-tipped heels to highlight your legs.



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