Eggs can be a great ally of beauty because due to their properties they can help the skin to recover all its shine, texture and natural softness, and in turn is able to improve some conditions of the same, knows the uses of the egg for the health of hair and skin.

One of the sources of protein that is most often included in modern diets is the egg, beyond that some people are moderate with their intake due to the issue of cholesterol.

Now, few take it into account but egg protein is beneficial for repairing tissues, so the egg is a powerful beauty ally, particularly when it comes to hair and skin care.

Benefits of eggs for the skin

Two of the main nutrients we find in the egg are choline and lutein. Choline is a member of the vitamin B family; this can help reduce fats in cell membranes and is essential for improving the functioning of skin cells. The other nutrient called “choline” also helps the body maintain adequate levels of other B vitamins.

This is very important as the skin needs B vitamins to produce energy and to make collagen and elastin, the gummy proteins that keep the skin bright and feel firm and smooth. Lutein is another great reason to consume eggs at breakfast. This carotenoid antioxidant found in eggs helps preserve skin elasticity and prevent damage caused by free radicals to skin cells.

Uses of the egg for skin and hair

You can know some uses of the egg to maintain the correct care of both the hair and the skin in general.

1. Face tonic

Egg white is characterized by concentrate compounds that tone the skin of the face, which means the removal of impurities that accumulate in the pores. To use it you need to beat the white of an egg and then with the help of a brush apply it all over the face, always avoiding the contour of the eyes. After twenty minutes you can remove it with a little warm water.

2. For eye bags

When this area becomes inflamed, our face looks sick, aged and dull. Egg white is beneficial for inflammation under the eyes you will only have to use a cotton swab and apply a thin layer to the affected parts. Let it act for 10 minutes and rinse, this is a very effective method to treat eye bags.

3. Mask for oily skin

Having oily skin generates a condition that is conducive to the formation of acne and is also unsightly. Egg white reduces excess sebum.

  • Prepare a mixture with the white of an egg and three tablespoons of oatmeal.
  • Apply by the face huello and scot.
  • Perform circular massages gently.
  • Let it act for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

4. Hair conditioner

IF the hair looks dull and dry the egg can act as a natural conditioner so that the hair is softer, brighter and manageable.

  • Mix a whole egg with half a cup of yogurt and a tablespoon of olive oil.
  • Spread the product all over your hair and put on a hat.
  • Let it act for 45 minutes.

5. Volume and shine for hair

To give volume to the hair you will only need to beat an egg and add a little lemon juice until the mixture is homogeneous. Being ready you distribute it all over your hair and allow it to act for thirty minutes. With this you will have an extra help to give more vitality to your hair.



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