All women, after reaching a certain age, like to look younger than they really are, but many times they do not know what the best way to achieve it is. One of the best methods to subtract a few years from the physical appearance is to change the look of the hair. There are many hairstyles that make you look younger, and that also favor a lot to highlight facial features.

4 hairstyles that make you look younger

It is not always necessary to resort to scissors, although it is the most common, there are many hairstyles that can be easily adapted to the length you want to wear and that will have the same flattering results to make us look with less years.

1. Short side hair

Short hair is usually inspired by the style that was used in the 60s, they help to accentuate the cheekbones and eyes, thus making the smile look much more dazzling and are the main focus of the face.

Wearing short hair with the stripe on its side helps to balance all facial features and creates symmetry between both sides of it, making certain defects such as wrinkles around the eyes, also known as crow’s feet, concealed.

In addition to this, it adds shine and softens the texture of the hair, camouflaging a little the fact that it is a little dry, the important thing is to take it as natural as possible, leaving aside the gum and wax.

2. Curls and waves

Creating soft waves in the hair helps women to neutralize the effects of the loss of volume of the same, which occurs sooner or later with the passage of age. This type of look with short or half-mane hair creates a feminine and very sensual appearance that helps to disguise to a large extent the typical features of adulthood.

Creating some retro curls, not only is a fabulous hairstyle for every occasion, but in addition to being at the forefront it is also a very youthful and vintage look. These help to couple in a very natural way the facial features, and also disappears the signs of aging with the naked eye.

3. Layered hair

It doesn’t matter how long or short you want to wear as long as you have layers and more layers. They frame the face, and give a lot of volume and mobility to the hair, getting to have a casual and youthful style, at the same time that it gives the impression of freshness and comfort.

When you want to subtract a few years from the appearance you must forget the straight and very structured cuts, because they only get the opposite effect to what you really want to get. So if you want to look younger, a layered cut may be your best alternative.

4. Pixie cuts

Pixie cuts have been very fashionable for several seasons in a row, especially for the summer seasons. They are very modern cuts and although they do not seem so they are very versatile for women, especially for those who want to show that they are very confident and have a very strong personality. Although it is not a very recent style, since it is considered rather a classic, it can be combined in many ways, either in color or in style, as it can be worn with or without fringe. It can be combed in many ways, and can be given texture and volume just by using a little foam.

Other ways to look younger

  • Wearing bangs always gets a youthful effect on the face, regardless of the age you have, however you should be careful when deciding which to use, because it could have a negative effect on the appearance, it can make you look very thin or very responsive.
  • Regarding the colors, the golds, chocolate tones and all those that are clear, tend to be rejuvenating. Of course the extremes are always bad, platinum blondes usually don’t look good after 40, or when the much hated wrinkles start to appear.
  • Dye your hair and hide the gray hair: Probably the dyeing of the hair can damage it and although the gray hair is covered, this can become opaque, in this case you have two options, the first is to use natural tinctures, and the other option is to dye the hair with Californian wicks, thus achieving a less intense and more blurred dyeing.
  • Avoid using straight hair, give waves to the hair, whether short, half mane or long, favors the rejuvenation of the face.
  • Use looser picks, avoid fixed buns and highly structured hairstyles.



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