While it makes sense to purge many things at age 40 (toxic people, couples, and toxic habits, to name a few), it’s especially imperative to have a special look at your cosmetics. After all, your skin now has different needs than in your 20s and 30s, and products that serve you well in decades past can now leave a lot to be desired.

30 cosmetics that no woman over 40 should buy

That’s why we’ve put together the cosmetic products that every woman over the 40s should avoid buying. From modern colors of lips and nails under pressure to charcoal masks that will leave your skin drier than the Sahara.

Matte base

Now that you’re 40, and you’re probably not dealing with super-oily skin, matte bases will only make your skin look flat and lifeless. Instead, it searches for bases with the words “bright” or “glow” in the product description. They’re much more likely to give you a youthful, moist look.

Liquid eyeliner

The liquid eyeliner is difficult to apply in the first place. And if you start noticing fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, you’ll have a harder time getting it right. Not to mention that a bold cat’s eye probably isn’t your most flattering look now that you’re 40. Stick to crayons in shades like dark gray and brown.

Gleaming labial shines

Lip glosses are all the rage right now, but that doesn’t mean you should join the party. A glitter slap on the lips may seem sticky and youthful. If you can’t let go of the glow, choose a lip gloss, but very light.

Bright eyeshadow

Eye shadow striking appearances are hard to achieve. And often, they are more suitable for teens who are still experimenting with new trends. Now that those years are behind us, stick to the neutrals in the powder, cream and bar formulas for a classic, polished look.

Bright lipstick

A bold red lip is always a classic, but Barbie pink and tangerine orange lips can often be too much for women over the age of 40. Keep your classic reds, but consider swapping the other glitters for a rich mauve or wine red hue.

Faction highlighter too bright

A little highlighter can work wonders to brighten your skin. But as these cosmetic products get brighter and brighter, you’ll want to try them before you commit. Choose one that adds a touch of brightness to your cheekbones, but doesn’t deviate into any overly bright territory.

One-dollar makeup

Cheap cosmetics of a dollar, can wreak havoc on your skin, in addition, they tend not to look so good. Step up your game and head to your local beauty counter. Or at least, opt for a good quality pharmacy find.

Very sweet fragrances

At age 40, your taste for fragrances has hopefully evolved beyond fruits and flowers. But that doesn’t mean you have to choose a musky fragrance from grandma either. You can still opt for the floral and fresh, just make sure the aroma is more complex than your baby’s favorite shampoo.

Purifying masks

Purifying masks tend to dry the skin with their strong cleansing ingredients. Over time, that could mean skin that feels irritated and uncomfortable. Choose a moisturizing mask with ingredients like hyaluronic acid or shea butter.

Matte liquid lipstick

Liquid labials are popular for several reasons: they are easy to apply, do not move and remain for hours at a time. Unfortunately, no matter how old you are, they also sit in fine lines. Unless your lips are incredibly well hydrated, you’ll want to avoid this type of makeup now that you’re 40.

Brightness in the body

This is another teen trend you should stay away from. If you’re looking for shine, try a very subtle body brilliance. That way, your skin will look brighter, and you won’t be covered in shine until the end of time.

Dry cleaners

Humidity, humidity, humidity: that’s why your skin is dying right now. Avoid strong cleansers that take away your natural oils from your skin. If your skin feels tight and itchy after washing, that’s probably what’s happening. Cleansing balms, cleansing lotions and oil make-up removers are great options for women over the age of 40.

Hair dyes at home

We understand, dyeing the hair of a box is sometimes a necessity. But trying a crazy, overly colorful hair dye at home can ruin your hair, especially since it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll have to re-dye it a few weeks later. Go to the living room if you’re in the mood for an intricate hair color, or stick with a color that matches your natural tone.

Sea salt spray for hair

Aging hair is already delicate and dry, and adding a sea salt spray to it can make things worse. If you want to achieve a beach wave, try a curling wand and some texturizing spray.

False nails

Now that he’s 40, you’ve earned the right to head to the nail salon and splurge on a real manicure, so that’s exactly what you need to do. False nails are too obvious and never last that long anyway.

Body scrubs

When your skin is dry, it might make sense to try to exfoliate some of that dryness with a body scrub. But in general, most exfoliants will remove much-needed moisture and leave the skin drier than before bathing. Avoid exfoliating more than three times a week, and when you do, do so with exfoliants with gentle ingredients, such as shea butter and nut oils.

Light body moisturizers

Moisturizing the body is essential for women over the age of 40. And it’s always better to choose a moisturizer that does too much rather than one that doesn’t do enough. Thicker creams will offer more moisturizing benefits than their lighter counterparts. Look for those that contain glycerin or hyaluronic acid.

Eyebrow tweezers

Stay away from tweezers! Now that you’re over 40, you’ve probably noticed that your hair doesn’t grow as fast and isn’t as dense as it used to be. That’s especially true with hair on the eyebrows. Avoid shaving too often, or you run the risk of never having eyebrows again.

Makeup with unicorn tones

This is something you’ll want to avoid. This highlighter trend isn’t flattering to anyone, so don’t fall into the ad trap. Stick to the classic markers that really match your skin tone.

Blotting papers

Now that you’re turning the corner into middle age, chances are you won’t suffer from very oily skin. And that means you can leave the fat-absorbing papers at home. This product is more suitable for acne-prone teens than mature women.

False eyelashes

Some eyelash strips are fine, but the application of super thick and outrageous eyelash strips can seem very artificial. Instead, apply individual lashes or enjoy eyelash extensions : they last four to six weeks and look incredibly natural.

Eye shadow palettes

You’ll probably never dive into that neon yellow or grandma green, right? And if that’s the case, it doesn’t make much sense to spend a ton of cash on a palette you’re just buying for one or two colors. Show the color you like to a seller, and he or she will help you find a single-tone item with the color you’re interested in.

Crazy lipstick

Lipsticks in colors such as black, green and electric blue have been a huge success this year. But just because you see them on your favorite beauty blogger’s Instagram doesn’t mean they should have a place in your vanity. They’re almost never complementary, and they’ll only make you look like you’re too full of makeup.

Charcoal masks

Charcoal masks are supposed to be purifying, but they also tend to dry out the skin. Plus, they’re hard to remove, meaning you’ll likely have to scrub them.

Metallic makeup

A clear metallic eye can be totally flattering, but incorporating metallic elements into your lips, cheeks or eyebrows can make you look a bit out of context. Stick to colors that enhance your natural characteristics and avoid the ones that are most suitable for New Year’s Eve. In this case, a bit is very useful!

Neon nail polish

By the time you turn 40, your hands will probably have begun to show signs of aging. And if you’re looking to divert attention from those signs, it’s best to avoid neon nail polishes. Opt for a classic pink or red and stay away from the colors that will catch your eye as soon as you enter the room.

Make-up remover wipes

You probably already know that makeup remover wipes are not the best for removing makeup. They can irritate and inflame the skin. Many wipes contain not-so-good ingredients, such as formaldehyde-releasing chemicals, solubilizers, surfactants, and emulsifiers, meaning that if you don’t wash your face after using the wipes, you’re at serious risk of inflammation.

Lip brush

Lip brushes are difficult for women over the age of 40 because they often seeps into wrinkles and fine lines around the lips. If a brush, apply a touch of lip liner beforehand to avoid draining.

Acne products

It may seem proactive to include an acne facelift in your morning routine. But unless you really suffer from adult acne, you’d better avoid them. These acidic products are some of the driest items in the skin care hall.

Bath pumps

Some bathroom pumps are stylish, but others are only childish-smelling. Also, who wants to clean a stained tub with shine everywhere? You’re too busy for that.


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