What would I look like wearing fringe? Would I be fine? It’s the question we’ve all asked ourselves at least once as we look in the mirror on a visit to the salon looking for a change. The answer is a resounding yes. And we’re not just talking about the side bangs. Today, bangs come in all shapes and sizes. There is a type for every hair texture, even for curly.

Fringe is a style of haircut that has been popular for decades. However, just because it’s been around for a long time, this doesn’t mean it’s an old-fashioned look. In fact, there are so many different types of bangs and different ways to use it depending on your hair that, you can keep changing the haircut and keep staying so current and relevant. Every year, a new fringe trend arrives on the scene, and women immediately adopt the look.

20 types of fringe to use in your hairstyles

Are you looking for inspiration on how to wear your bangs? Looking for ideas for a new hairstyle? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Here you have fifteen different styles of fringes for you to take ideas and embrace change.

1. Strip swept side

The side-sweep fringe is by far the most popular type of bangs, probably because they are very versatile and adapt to almost any face shape. Also, if you use them long enough, they can often be dragged into your ponytail, which is an added bonus. This style, while looking good on every face guy, is perfect for those of you with an oval face.

2. Short blunt bangs

If you fancy being a little more daring, then why don’t you try wearing short, blunt bangs? This aspect isn’t for everyone, but if you can do it, you’re sure you’ll make a difference. This aspect can be used if you have long or short hair, although with long hair you make a good contrast. Check out Katy Perry’s short bangs with her Bob cut. This is one of their best styles with fringe.

3. Horizontal fringe

Generally speaking, horizontal bangs aren’t the best choice for round faces, but if you balance them with longer strands on the sides and don’t make them heavy, you can achieve the effect. However, for elongated and oval faces goes very well this type of bangs that, in this example goes further by integrating the sides and sideburns with the horizontal cut of the bangs. Here’s an example that looks for two types of cuts in one.

4. Blunt Bangs

The hair is cut in a straight line on the forehead in a forceful way. Similar to straight bangs, but thicker and sometimes heavier. The style is achieved by trimming thin layers of hair with slimming scissors or a razor and longer side locks can be left. To get this look, ask your stylist to cut your fringe when it’s dry. If you cut the fringe when it’s wet, you run the risk of making it too short because the hair tends to shrink as it dries.

 5. Curtain bangs

This type of fringe is one of the most fashionable at the moment and it is a bang that goes open, long and untied. All influencers on social networks nowadays love this look of ‘bangs’ and although it is not new, it is very much in trend. Brigitte Bardote iconically used this type of fringe in the 60’s and drove virtually every man crazy.

6. Long curtain bangs

This look is great for adding a little mystery to your style. Long curtain bangs like these, are the ones that work best with long hair, however, some wear them with a pixie cut and they still look great, so be as creative as you dare.

7. Fleco estilo pixie

This is a very cute pixie cut with bangs or asymmetrical and degrafiled bangs. Being super short usually makes the bangs the star of the show, so why not go for a partial asymmetry? Texture cream is your best friend when you design super short bangs for round faces.

8. Arched fringe

This is a risky choice of bangs for a round face because it can highlight the shape more, it goes better with a thin hair so as not to increase so much volume. If you have thick hair you will need an equally full bangs to match it, otherwise, your hairstyle will seem unbalanced. This is perfect for young women who need a quick yet elegant look to wear in college.

9. Fringe with color

You don’t always have to use angled cuts to create length in your style with round bangs. Sometimes, strategic color placement will work just as well. Lightening only the bangs and hair tips will create vertical lines for the eye to slide up and down, which is a famous trick that works for elusing.

10. Degrafilado fringe

Choppy or degrafiled bangs are often paired with pixie or pixie cuts, but they also look great with other styles, including Bob’s. They are excellent at making short foreheads appear longer, and round faces look thinner. While most stylists caution against cutting the fringe at home, choppy bangs are an exception. Their texture and layers make them very forgiving.

11. Open or separate fringe

Although this fringe resembles curtain bangs or ‘Bardot’s’, it is distinguished by being a longer and more open fringe and commonly goes straight. Although it is long, it still gives the impression that there is a bang there. It is for very smooth hair and they like to have it like this to eventually fix it to their liking.

12. Fringe combed back in layers

This hairstyle has a lot of movement and is ideal for a girl who constantly runs her fingers through her hair and moves it back and forth. It’s like “I don’t need a section.” The bangs add to the fun and carefree essence of this style.

13. Asymmetric fringe

Asymmetrical bangs are really phenomenal. This is a fringe style that everyone should try once, as most people adapt to this aspect in one variation or another. This is a great look no matter the shape of your face or the length of your hair, you can use it in a Bob cut like this and look great, why not try it?

14. Very short bangs

Many women believe that fringes of all kinds should be medium or long, especially with round faces. But, if you go beyond that, upwards, you can create an instant and creative look that’s perfect for young women who want a maverick girl look. If you have a round face, brush your cut-out bangs to the side and combine it with long strands along the face. You can pick it up too and leave a few wicks coming out to the side.

15. Futuristic Fringe

Just because you have a wide face doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with its appearance. The key to creative bangs for round face is to use angles to lengthen and provide height. By slightly bending the ends upwards and mixing them with the elongated and angular front pieces, you will create all the right lines to lengthen your face flatly.

16. U-shaped bangs

If you like the shape of your round face and don’t think it needs to be corrected, you might even have the blunt bangs. Complete it with angular front pieces that can be asymmetrical for additional points of interest. To maximize style, combine it with arched eyebrows and subtle, high-end eyeliner.

17. Long side bangs

The same philosophy you apply to create a great outfit can also work to create an impressive hairstyle. Sometimes it’s the small details that make the biggest impact. From the long bangs and gray highlights to the sunglasses and red lips, this look is the winner.

18. Curly bangs

Fringe is one of those beauty themes that can be a real gamble. Especially for curly haired girls. But, if you have curly hair and have never considered bangs, now is the time to change your mind. Curls are easy to use, and with the curly styles of different collected hair, they are more versatile than you think.

19. Rainbow asymmetrical fringes

This impressive look was created by someone educated in color theory. The subdued bangs and soft curls give fairytale colors an extra element of fantasy. This style of ‘bang’ is a magnificent complement to the half-picked and tall ponytails and hairstyles as well. Updating the colors would definitely be a high maintenance, but this daily style is a lot of fun when you wear bangs.

20. Blunt fringe in bob cut

Anyone with straight hair should try this look at least once. A layered A-inline bob is made even more adorable by the straight bangs. What would be a lot of maintenance for a girl with curls is rather an easy style for someone with naturally straight hair. Blunt or abundant bangs don’t always work for round faces, but with a style like this, they can.



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