With the rise of fashion bloggers and Instagram stars ranging from teens to women in their 80s, there are no longer any rules when it comes to fashion. However, there are definitely key investment pieces that will make every outfit flattering, and of course, there are garments that will do the opposite. Don’t fall into the fashion trap and learn about what to avoid if you don’t want to look older. Here are 14 dress mistakes that will make you look older and how to change them.

14 dress mistakes that will make you look older

1. Fast fashion trends

Fashion leaders often agree that anything too trend-focused can age even the most youthful.

A subtle nod to trends is really good, but anything else can make you look like you’re the 16-year-old girl who bought the entire storefront. Unless you’re actually 16, putting on those overly youthful clothes that the trend is setting will only accentuate your age more and make you look out of place in what’s really going for you. Don’t force a modern trend that just doesn’t fit your personality, shape or age.

2. Loose-fitting clothing

Oversoil clothes will not only make you look older, but it will also take away your natural shape, as it will make you look bigger in size, and that’s probably not what you want. Therefore, avoid anything that resembles a tent. And, when it comes to denim, be sure to invest in jeans with some Lycra, spandex or elasthane to make sure it doesn’t stretch too much after general wear.

3. Too many accessories

Listen to Coco Chanel in this case, the iconic fashion designer once said, “When you put on accessories, take off the last one you put on before you left,” no wonder it’s become a world-famous date. Listen to Coco to avoid looking like you’ve just stolen a jewelry store.

4. Mistakes when wearing black

Now, don’t panic because this doesn’t mean you need to get rid of all kinds of blacks completely. Just because matte black fabrics can be draining and too big a contrast on older skin doesn’t mean you shouldn’t embrace black in glossy or lush materials like silk, velvet, or satin. These can give you a new life: simply add a touch of color to your lipstick or accessories.

5. Stockings

It’s a bit controversial, as they’re a staple of most women’s closets, but it looks like the stockings really get older. Bare pantyhose are especially unflattering as the skin tone never matches the rest of the body and gives your legs a strange kind of matte texture. The same with black stockings, although many people love to wear black stockings in winter, special care should be taken of how they will be worn if you don’t want to look older.

7. Mini skirts

Digital fashion editor Penny Goldstone says many older women “fall into the trap of trying to dress younger wearing tighter short skirts,” but assures us that doing so has the opposite effect. “It’s about wearing garments that flatter your body no matter how old or shaped you are, but midi-style dresses are much flattering for women.” He suggests combining them with elegant sneakers.

8. The Jersey

Thanks to the default anatomical adjustment of the sweater, it’s as sticky as it is comfortable to wear, so it’s best to buy only the material, whether it covers you or has a frown pattern. Due to its texture and lightweight quality, it is not known whether to look for the one that is most expensive or the most attractive, so buy with caution.

9. Don’t dress your way

Not dressing in your body type can add years. Dress mistakes like wearing a square jacket that’s the wrong shape for you or a skirt too short will end up making you look older. Instead, opt for more clothes as you fit perfectly and will be timeless.

10. Very long hair

This is not a quick and difficult rule as it really depends on your hair type. But usually hairdressers will tell you that hair after age 40 tends to get thinner and harder to accommodate.

No, this doesn’t mean you need to get that pixie haircut by the time you enter this decade, but think about adding volume to your hair by getting layers and avoiding poker hairstyles.

11. Maxi dresses and skirts

You don’t have to match your hem to your age, instead, it responds by midi lengths (between the knee and ankles any length), as styles that graze your ankles can make you look scruffy. And skirts and long dresses could also make you look wider than you are. Fashion stylists always advise finding the thinnest part of the knee area (above, below or in the middle) and using it as a guide to determine how short or long the hem should be.

12. A poorly fitted bra

Apparel technologists (yes, it’s actually a job title) will tell you that the bras that don’t cover your breasts perfectly, that is, without spilling or with extra space, probably won’t fit you well. And, the consequence of wearing a bad bra is that it will change your posture and most likely leave you hunched over. And yes, bad posture is going to age you.

13. Platform heels

While we love and appreciate the comfort and chic style of a thick heel (and, in general, an ugly shoe), a platform shoe is likely to add extra weight to a woman’s lower body and, as we know, can make you look disproportionately by making you look scruffy, too. When in doubt, go for a pointed heel.

14. Headdress

When it comes to a wedding outfit, independent fashion stylist says she’s not a fan of dressers. “People just mistake them for a great ‘touch to accentuate’, but you can customize your outfit in other ways. Make fun with a cute earring, purse or shoes. Many people think they have to wear a dresser to attend a wedding, but they often age an entire outfit or otherwise harm it.



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